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Hi friends, Like what you know, I'm Ricardo Melchor, a 28-year-old Dutchman. Now I work in Vietnam as a Home Designer. I was invited to the join the in-store show celebrating one year in operation of the Vietnam Designers House. Before everything became boring, I want to say that I had a subdivision that focuses on the interior design and decoration of private homes in and around Vietnam.

Home design and decorating in Vietnam

Home design in Vietnam

Do you looking for Vietnam tour packages for your vacation or would you like to have an amazing Vietnam package tours ? To get a nice house, many people still find the concept to the company specializes in the design house known to have a nice drawing ... This means that you pay a high cost for a set of drawings, but I guarantee you will not have the desired property. Understand it, in office we offer the cheap package design, with the desire to meet the housing needs of people with cheap middle income.

Interior design in Vietnam

Interior design is the organization of all products of applied art in space, so that the harmony of the space overall, layout, color, light and high performance. The elements necessary for an interior space: Functions, utility use, aesthetic. Interior decoration also need to demand the use of each specific object, each specific job. So when do the design should follow the steps. Interior decoration is a department of applied art, also known as industrial arts. So aesthetics, perspective, the creation of suitable products for each space is important and essential. In Vietnam's current interior design work has become more professional.

Beautiful Home Plan in Vietnam

Explore our Exclusive Studio Collection to see unique, highly detailed house plans by an invited panel of award-winning architects and designers from across the country and around the world, including rare historical plans in Vietnam. Browse our vast collection of house plans and garage plans by North Vuetnam's leading Architects and Designers. Highlighting some of homeowners' favorite features in new house designs. Popular features include island kitchens, walk-in closets, master bedroom sui... Hope that you enjoy them, and have some good idea for your next house.

Home design New Article

Unexpectedly beautiful garden with old doors

Many people will be surprised to see the old door appears in the beauty garden filled with new and attractive. The old door was worn long and you want to replace them with new items? Do not leave … [Read More...]

Kick the leak proof out of wet season

There are a thousand and one reasons for making your house leak when it rains and to remedy this situation is not well known. We suggest several solutions to help you prevent and fix this problem … [Read More...]

Method neutralize murderous housing

Many kinds of murderous generated accidentally or intentionally in life and affect not good to you. Here is how to limit, neutralize less murderous in each case. 1. False negative monitoring - air … [Read More...]

Water in house design to bringing money in business

A new perspective on water in feng shui. The existence of the scene but not visible to the naked eye. How to attract and develop the wealth of the country. From ancient civilizations known to develop … [Read More...]

Feng shui for wedding rooms: should and should not

Feng shui wedding room this time a lot of attention. By simple feng shui of a room will bring comfort to the young couple in their new life. What to do The color scheme of the interior … [Read More...]

Determine the apartments

The determination of direction for a home in general and in particular apartment is a to-do and have great significance in Feng Shui. Many people believe that direction is the direction of the … [Read More...]

Apartment-style country

As a gentle breeze, rustic country style always attractive not only in exotic interior. Over how many times it still has a place can not be replaced. Apartments are located below the open, do not use … [Read More...]

Design consultancy house lot area of ​​4x6m

I have divided the land area of 4x6m plots 4m frontage. Want to build a house 4 floors, a tum-style modern, youthful. Requirements:  1st floor includes living room + kitchen + 1wc.  Floor includes 1 … [Read More...]

10 types of home should not buy

According to feng shui concepts, some type of home that can cause adverse health, the work of people in, so before buying you should consider. 1. Do not buy the house but not far from the buildings … [Read More...]

Design consultant tube 5 floors 4x12m area

Question: I have a land area of 4x12m, the front is the left side lane is 3 m and 1.5 m alley.Visit the North East. Thanks to digital consultancy to help me build a house with 5 floors of modern … [Read More...]

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Interior design New article

Glamorous bedroom with dressing table

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Change bathroom space

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16 decorating mistakes

The mindset seems harmless but led to no small mistakes in home décor makes you lose the space aesthetic. 1. Buying carpet is too small This is a mistake that almost always the mother suffer. … [Read More...]

Decorate the nursery with feng shui

According to feng shui school, the nursery should pay special attention to the individual functions for maximum support comprehensive development of children.  The child's room is both a place of … [Read More...]

OcEo – Phu Nam – a value of architecture longevity

To visit the exhibition, the public have the opportunity to enjoy more than 100 exhibitions of precious ancient Oc Eo culture - an ancient culture is formed and developed on the local level in the … [Read More...]

Refurbished home decor just one day

Try decorating solutions only done in one day introduced in the following categories to create new images for the interior space. The solution does not take much time to not require much effort. Why … [Read More...]

Application of rock art scene in home decor

You can refer to the application of rock art on the construction scene, aesthetic decoration, a balance between people and space around them. I can understand two words feng shui is the general … [Read More...]

July Promotion at Thanh Dung Furniture

From 4/7-30/7/2012, furniture Thanh Dung big discount fairs Vietbuild celebrate. Exhibition occasion Vietbuild 1st 2012, Dung Thanh Supermarket Interior implementation of programs aimed ñ The … [Read More...]

Track variations of the lampshade

When things expensive price, the cost to decorate the house to add color and warmth is not small. Why do not you try to "recycle" items are available, or "call processing" them into unique decorations … [Read More...]

Balcony vibrant spring

The flower clusters fluttered in the wind with the vibrant colors bring warm air of spring into your nest. Balcony's small but if you know how to decorate can make spring seem sharp and fresh for your … [Read More...]

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50 million dollar Penthouse in beachfront of Miami

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10 hotels made from odd materials

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Romance castles around the world

Each of the ancient castle, sparkling again lies a story of romance. Romance castles around the world: 1. Boldt Castle Over thousands of islands on the Saint Lawrence River near Alexandria Bay, … [Read More...]

Resort in house

These products are mass copying makes people feel indigestion. The particular design, unique and personal stamp are slowly ascended the throne ... Since the total solar eclipse event (late 1995), Mui … [Read More...]

The original super white castle in the heart of Saigon

The temple is famous Taj Mahal in India is an inspiration to the boss Khai Silk white castle built in the middle of Saigon Tamasago for up to 15 million.  Made of white marble, Taj Mahal is not only … [Read More...]

External housing revealed good or bad

Exterior house is one of the major factors affecting transport to financial and career of the owner. Therefore, the need to carefully consider these factors when buying houses. Four raised the … [Read More...]

Come into my house because it’s so beautiful

In the afternoon light coming off of a summer day, white castle Tamasago (*) in front of me as the story of the thousand and one nights. Inspired by the Taj Mahal Indian temple, Hoang Khai, Khai Group … [Read More...]

The bear flood with impressive architecture

The house is built on Hoopers Island in the state of Maryland, USA. This work has received many design awards prestigious. The house viewed from the pier. The house is located in a beautiful natural … [Read More...]

Heyri art village in Korea

Korea on sunny stretches of green color on the forest path leading bus went to the village one of a kind in Korea, where all the artists here are living a dream: Heyri Art Village . Only an hour drive … [Read More...]

Beautiful house overlooking the mountains

The house is located in the coastal city of Nha Trang, located in the city but not near the sea but return to see the mountain. So the perspective from inside the house is designed wide open toward … [Read More...]

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