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Glamorous bedroom with dressing table

A beautiful dressing table not only makes interest owners “lipstick chalk point” but also contributing to the allure for the bedroom. Dressing table is considered an indispensable items in the bedroom of the ladies, ladies. But it is important to know the women also choose designs, colors, materials, dressing table to suit your living space.

Choose style

Currently, the market, dressing table there are many designs and styles from classic to modern, from the period, style to simple, sophisticated …  But before buying, you should determine size of the bedroom and dressing table placement to choose accordingly. Dressing table large, sophisticated designs will be suitable for a large bedroom. Modest bedroom area should choose a simple style dressing table, attached to the cabinet table, shelf or desk drawers have more storage map will contribute to the space neat and tidy over. You can also choose to buy a dressing table with chairs can collapse in under a table to save space.

Choose the appropriate mirror

dressing table mirror is usually accompanied. For small dressing table, you should select the mirror to make sense of the circle wide. As large dressing table, a storage compartment, then use a rectangular mirror. However, do not necessarily have to choose a dressing table mirror fixed. Currently, manufacturers marketed some type of dressing table with mirror design rotate, mirror and useful than just showing sophistication. Dressing table with rotating mirror is good.

Choose colors

Another important thing is vanity to “match” the color with the room interior to create aesthetic effects common to the entire space. If your bedroom had too many colors you should choose a vanity table with neutral colors and elegant. Dressing table for girl teens as with the monotonous bedroom dressing table, the colors so bright, as the emphasis for space. However, avoid using colored dressing table and style completely different from the remaining items in the bedroom.

Choose materials

On the market today, dressing table using multiple different materials such as natural wood, wood industry, steel bending, glass … However, consumers preferred Vietnam very much wood with rich variations. Wood vanity with many unique variations

Change bathroom space

Selecting and harmonious color combinations, always intelligent ways to help your bathroom space come alive and bold personality of the owner. Moreover, just a little change of color, you can easily refresh your space a relaxed but effective ways to save. But how “instead of new clothes” for the bathroom is “hard questions” to many people. Can refer to the few hints of interior design at the Kohler Design to easily get bathroom “new”.

Design bathroom designer Kohler tub used to be many people choose yellow. The change in bathroom space is not quite as difficult as you think. With just one simple step as replaced the monotonous white tub with a wash tub with bright colors will bring a whole new breath to your bathroom. A small change in color this time helped you to express new feelings of their own which is equally stylish.

Bathtub is the focal point of the bathroom. Then you hesitate even without juggling with a punch of color to create focal points with the unexpected effect for your bathroom more prominent part. The trend this summer to honor the contribution bright colors adorn the thrill of breathing daily rhythm of life. The products for the bathroom is no exception to this general trend. The most popular color for bathrooms this summer is navy blue, blue, green and lemon yellow. In addition, the color pink or black suspension also brings elegance and mystery.

Design bathroom designer Kohler tub use blue is also popular in summer. If your bathroom has been building for some time and you suddenly discovered a few minor shortcomings, the colorful accessories is a solution “patch” and innovation performance, and significant cost savings for you. Do not hesitate to add to the decorative lights with warm light, or just replace the old hanger type hook with yellow or the luxury to create new landmark for the small room.

You want to change the bathroom but also to enhance the storage area map is the best solution is the wooden cabinet beneath the sink. Warm wood colors will bring your bathroom apartment close to nature than for feeling relaxed and comfortable. Changing color is an innovative space for quick and efficient bathroom can be done from the wall paint to the selection of materials or furnishings. But do not forget to always learn skills in the selection of color schemes and furniture, to suit the style of bathroom design, express your style and above all is that creating a balance and homogeneous in space of the entire house.

Unexpectedly beautiful garden with old doors

Many people will be surprised to see the old door appears in the beauty garden filled with new and attractive. The old door was worn long and you want to replace them with new items? Do not leave items such as expired thought that because they can become a garden ornament extremely useful if you have creative ideas and fit. Although crude seems to raw wood, old or refurbished with paint, exterior space is still very own beauty more when the old door is set into place “favorable” one.

1. Utilized as garden doors

Owning a beautiful campus and wide, many people want to “planning” area of the garden and create beautiful walkways. The fence, garden gate was carefully cared to create memorable first sight. The old wooden door is the new white jacket and shirt layer placed between the fence, gate coffee-colored mold bring rustic beauty has just stand for a lush green garden. These vintage blooming flowers still adorn casual outdoor performance for families.

If you want to emphasize the beauty of wood free, the home can keep the original ornamental door, turned the color of time. Entrance to the gardens still attract the look and create a sense of wonder “hundred flowers racing identity” between the old space.

2. The impressive decorative details

Put random door between greenery and fresh flowers also makes a small angle has just strange familiar. An unseen world as the doors opened this natural. The door can be the fulcrum for climbing flowers and here, they become beautiful backdrop for the other details such as decorative fountains … More space and tranquility close due to this extremely creative décor. Although located in a center or a corner garden, the flowers still doors help brighten the space and beautiful.

If there is a lot of time you can spare time collecting old pieces of wood with doors made of unique decorative details and more elaborate. They are really art worthy to corner the owner proud of the fruits of their labor. Or simply a door and window frames are painted white and draw a large flower, rough walls in the garden is full of dust come alive and draw the eye.

3. Old door decoration outdoor relaxing corner

Not too picky in exterior shopping, just a few items are handmade with decorative own simple but oddly, you have owned a small corner of their own. Dark side of the courtyard breathing with vintage chairs and doors metal processing skill. Long wall also added the old clock to create a dramatic angle to the employer. With ingenuity, old doors can become a useful part of the table or the lovely porch swing where. Manually create relaxing place for families and give you more inspiration and more engaged with their home.

4. Lush garden

One other effect of the old door is to become the face price of vegetables planting small. You can cut the holes in the wooden door fabric used immediately or container land in the small wooden door split cells. Add the land fixed at the back door, the door to tilt or vertical construction on the fence, you still have a green corner of the eye.

5. Corner store pretty small appliances

If there is a small garden, you’ll be interested to be cared for them regularly and you also need a place to store garden tools for compact and more convenient to use. The old door and some wooden handmade instruments is contained angle ideal for you and your family. Just a very small area and some basic assembly operations, you have expressed stylish and work your plan.

Kick the leak proof out of wet season

There are a thousand and one reasons for making your house leak when it rains and to remedy this situation is not well known. We suggest several solutions to help you prevent and fix this problem effectively.

Temporary solutions

Our ancestors used to say “prevention is better than cure”, so the wall surface exposed to the user should use extreme climatic shielding measures such as tree climbing membrane incorporating fountains, making the wall face not a sudden shrinkage due to temperature change. For flat roof area, must be reasonably calculated to divide the spark gap slope is not too long, many grooves and holes arranged collection of water. Limit the obstacles that block the roof drainage direction as decorative columns, flower beds …

When you see the stain of the structures beneath the gutters, splash box, terrace … to bowl mortar for waterproofing additives on. When the heart is too shallow gutters, water tends to overflow upstream on the roof, to cut a few holes just below the overflow to a dangerous position. Be the first paint the item or purlins to avoid rust …

Waterproof wall

The solution is considered the simplest and most widely used at present is to use waterproof paint. Waterproof paint suit a variety of surfaces ranging from waterproofing additives mixed into the cement mixer when pouring concrete, to the floor repelling coating to plastic roof, floor protection before birth brick, painted cementitious waterproofing cost savings for the walls is not necessary to the aesthetic, biological waterproof paint, decorative paint, glue or silicon to the limit processing the door openings, holes … In particular, waterproofing paint just one wall waterproofing solutions simple, just create aesthetic features of the building.

Ceiling leak proof

For the condominium if the leak from the ceiling is due to the restroom area, drain the upstairs apartment in a leak. In this case must be handled immediately by beating up the brick layer impermeable areas, coating with a layer of fiberglass and waterproof glue, eventually filling a layer of cement and bricks back together. For regular houses, the roofs leak, can apply some measures such as Sealing cracks in gutters, stain, stucco terrace with a mixture of cement, sand and anti- infiltration with at least 1 cm in thickness, and check the water does not drain out directly at the top, side walls or joints between roof, walls and windows. The cause of the leak proof roof gutters are also due to our land, when it needs replacing our gutters are deeper or more turbid water hole position overflow.

Old walls are cracked, waterproof

Over time, the outer protective coating of the walls were peeling, mold or moss wall cracks, long days of rain and moisture in small cracks in the wall permeable to affect the structure and evaluation beauty of the house. The fix is to simply scrape peeling paint or flour dust, then use detergents and chemicals to kill molds that clean tight areas. Use mortar to fill the holes and large cracks, resurfaces with special powder for outdoor wall, then use waterproof paint for disposal. To achieve best performance to ensure that the substrate should be clean, dry wall and humidity below 16%. After surface preparation is coated with alkaline resistant paint, wait for the paint to dry and water-repellent layer on 1-2.

Absorb leaking window frames, window wall outside

Can apply some of the following methods:

Insert block: Apply it when the wall around the window frames, window openings are not sealed insert. When handling, first removing loose mortar or compact around the window frame and masonry, in this bituminous fiber insertion slot, then insert firmly cement grout, plaster slot carefully.

Use a waterproof coating: For leak proof window frames, window panels of the outer wall decoration material paste. When the processor can scan waterproof coating polymer in the joints of the block interior doors, window wall outside, preventing infiltration of rainwater into the slot from the slot between windows.

Organic silicon processing: Use for slot windows and large openings, inserts have cracked grout. First clean the grout in the cracks of doors, windows, sealed plane by adding more cement waterproofing powder, surface treated with a sweep of inert material such as organic silicon.

Absorb leaking the decorative brick nuggets

Present outside wall decoration tiles, ceramic tiles, decorative surface material cracks or flaking appeared shut, rainwater seeped into the block wall from the room, causing leak proof.

In this case, the first change, fix decorative tiles pasted shut from peeling or damaged, if any cracks or voids, cement grout or material inserted to repair. Then clean the dirt as short lime, mortar, abscesses … on the wall. Mix paint “universal” with the ratio of 1:10 ~ 15, using direct injection or pump brush, brush on two consecutive dry wall, to wall suction no solution, avoid pumping errors. Focal spraying of decorative ceramic tiles are the gaps between tiles, which can first brush past a vertical slot turns on, then spray a coat of paint as prescribed above.

Method neutralize murderous housing

Many kinds of murderous generated accidentally or intentionally in life and affect not good to you. Here is how to limit, neutralize less murderous in each case.

1. False negative monitoring – air from the evil Hades

If you are facing the unfortunate places such as cemeteries or funeral homes will be called a murderous evil sound monitoring; houses near a slaughterhouse also kind, easy-getters sound evil, that the owner or disease, uncertainties in trouble, even relationships with people around also deteriorated.

To neutralize this watch as, to put a pair of dragons towards where murderous, and put a pair of unicorns or a retired couple in spleen under murderous direction. If the situation is relatively serious, can put a sword, coins, but be careful not located in the Five Devils. Sword is associated with coins have murderous effects neutralize strong.

2. She carved look – her murderous soul

Houses opposite the places where unfortunately not, by contrast, faces solemn places like temples, churches are not very good. That’s because these places have many adherents regularly cross, incense smoke room untouched, as is the focus of the dead souls, around the four sides are easy monitoring of air from her (her murderous soul), leading to the fate of family members are going down, hard to get people supporting you. To neutralize this murderous, can put a pair of dragons direction out of the window, or may be mounted motion picture lotus lamp, and incense regularly to resolve.

3. Exclusive audio monitoring

The house opposite the public or toxic landfill will close sound. If in a group home, close the gas affect apartment from 6th or lower, so the object is outside this range need not worry. Normally, the closer the more murderous assault, adverse effects to health and financial interests of the people inside. To neutralize, lake lots can put together a string of white jade imperial coins or bank resources handbook. White emerald jade empire is money, said to be six coins of six most prosperous emperor Qing dynasty that is: Favourable Treatment, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, Gia Khanh and Quang Dao. According to feng shui, the currency of the era of strong and flourishing with the air, it will neutralize the murderous good.

4. Trigrams close

Ta gas formed by a neighbor put feng shui items such as mirrors, bagua, flexible interesting to town for their families. These items, feng shui mascot has strong murderous, the murderous assault is used to tame the mind outside of their home so it will create adverse effects for the opposite. Dissolved by placing the feng shui turtle shells and a string of platinum emerald base money to achieve less murderous, this is the method used needs to win diamond, feng shui items used to limit the negative effects of other feng shui items .

Water in house design to bringing money in business

A new perspective on water in feng shui. The existence of the scene but not visible to the naked eye. How to attract and develop the wealth of the country. From ancient civilizations known to develop along the major rivers to facilitate the daily life and the life and development of their business.

According to Chau Tran Luong is a feng shui expert: The layout of living space are now paying much attention to the spatial layout. With the hotels, restaurants, the water allocation would also be very important to attract customers and wealth. Water is attracted to elements of life. Recently, according to a research station of the Discovery Channel announced a clip on water droplets falling at a new angle and you can see the movement of nature and the glass.

The allocation of water for each work often choose will be compatible southwest feng shui. If your home or building then South West Water can put in front would also be very good feng shui. According to feng shui water also symbolizes money, property, so when placed in front of the house as well as customers in the transaction will bring money into the company, the house.

The Master Tran Van Binh, lecturer in Faculty of Furniture HCMC University of Architecture, said: In architectural design, the water will become more harmonious and aesthetic house. In this current planning, the identification of land with the water element will be very important also coordinates the position and conditions favorable for living space.

With these different countries, the space will make easy luck different benefit homeowners. In the overall work, the water must be carefully arranged to allow water to maximize its positive impact and go while minimizing the disadvantages of topography.

50 million dollar Penthouse in beachfront of Miami

All five penthouses in The Mansions luxury apartment has an indoor pool. Also, this place is equipped with mini theater, marine biology camp for children and fantasy golf. Called The Mansions apartment located in the city of Sunny Isles Beach, North Miami, Florida (USA). With an area of 1,400 m2, 65-storey apartment building with 79 apartments, including five penthouse (attic apartment). Starting price of the normal apartment penthouse is $ 5.7 million and $ 50 million the most expensive.

The apartment amenities included in the transfer map for 24/7, last week the restaurant, bar or swimming pool next to the bench to enjoy the wine. Also, this place is also equipped with a 25-seat cinema, with popcorn and candy vending machines, and a fantasy golf can help people to play in anywhere in the world. The complex has two public swimming pools and six nomad tent camping. In addition, the five penthouses here are equipped with an indoor pool. The Mansions has two amusement parks and a marine camp for children. As adults they can get to the gym or register for Yoga classes here.

Overview The Mansions. Support staff outside the building. Merchants Chamber of apartments with full facilities. Customers can choose from apartment style to traditional, classical or modern. Dressing table for both women and about eyebrow whiskers. Wardrobe glitter dream. Where beauty embellished by women. Spacious bathroom in the apartment. Was here use the onyx and marble. He can admire the panoramic view from this corner of Miami Beach.

16 decorating mistakes

The mindset seems harmless but led to no small mistakes in home décor makes you lose the space aesthetic.

1. Buying carpet is too small

This is a mistake that almost always the mother suffer. Due to the small carpet area only to be modest in the room, breaking the space that you want to build. Rugs too well that an imbalance between areas in the room. For example, in the living room carpet to the sofa should be appropriate so that at least the front legs of the sofa arranged around the carpet to put on the carpet.

2. Buy furniture before measuring a room to decorate

In the excitement the brink of a new nest, many parents in front of furniture that does not care to measure the size of the room. Often the map is too small or too big for the room. Buy carpet to match the room

3. Paint the walls the same color tones of different shades

For the large room you are prepared paint, choose paint color paint color is darker than you imagine. If your space is an open space should choose darker paint color paint color when you paint a small room.

4. No bedside

The bed is the focus of any impression bedroom but many parents do tend to ignore it. If the bed without the bed, “fighting” with an eye-catching art paintings or decorative expensive mats. The bed should paint the walls with impressive color. Headboard impression, a highlight of the room

5. Home décor without consulting

Lead to costly, difficult and always causing trouble for the family. You ask for help from a person who lodges in space or an interior design professional.

6. Decorate the house without your favorite things

Do not console themselves that, I do not like this today, then tomorrow will be like. There are things you can not love life, so do not try to buy them floating about.

7. Buying too many small ornaments

One is packed house, the second is expensive. Spend the money to buy items unique, high-affirmed his good aesthetics. Display means not too much junk in the room

8. Hanging pictures too high in the

Often the paintings should hang by the bed, sofa or from about 24-25cm is the most logical. Hallway, stairs, walls can hang from the wall to avoid a high of about 1.6 to 1.7 m.

9. Neglecting the home decorating scene before

Typically, a person wants to buy a nice house or the best impression to your home usually pay attention to the door scene first. Should be painted the same color outside of the garage. Additional door painted with the colors to create striking and impressive.

10. Do not hit the wall light

Many parents think, to highlight the common wall darker, different color paint or wood-paneled walls clean. For high should do, even with low, if the wall from 2-7cm, then we should paint the same color as the wall, the wall will feel higher. Low ceiling would be higher if the same wall and the wall color

11. What is also displayed

The impact of collections antique value, the art of beautiful statue or picture frames families mark anniversary of the visitors was very high for many users prefer rhetoric, what is laid out , this only makes the house look cluttered. Create a space to display them fixed.

12. There are so many accents in a room

Each space should only need a point to make an impression. In the living room sofa is usually the area, reception desk, TV shelf. In the bedroom the bed usually. Bathroom sinks and a mirror.

13. Space without the presence of natural

Rooms need fresh flowers, bonsai trees whether it is small, simple, such as cactus. Limitations of silk flowers and paper flowers because they are quite expensive to buy or obsolete. Space need flowers to add some life room

14. Try to buy everything in one day

This just makes your head submerged in a pile of furniture. Please help me have time to look back and examine the budget by calm choice.

15. Drapery “fat” too

Quality curtains in the living room is a class criteria confirmed by the landlord. If you want to save it should save blinds in bedrooms, children’s rooms. What room is not bad.

16. Mix too much furniture

As simple as beautiful wood. Do not get more than 3 in a cardboard timber items such as flooring, cabinets, tables … Curtains hung rooms need quality.

10 hotels made from odd materials

Materials such as sewage pipes, container, chocolate, salt … are utilized to create full hotel amenities and unique.

On the card

The hotel is located in New York, American artist Bryan Berg has been built out of 200,000 on the card. It includes a living room, a bathroom and lobby. Each room, walls, furniture and even toilets are made from plastic card. Berg is the former record by building a house of plastic cards in 1992. At that time he was 17.


Tonghe Shanzi design company in China has completed 5-star hotel Xiang Xiang Xiang Pray House made of container cargo. On the surface, this hotel looks like a dump goods on the hill Changski but inside the rooms are cozy and luxurious. Each room is designed in traditional Chinese style with expensive furniture. Besides, due to container, the hotel can easily move to another place. Xiang Xiang Pray House will be opening in August.


The famous designer Karl Lagerfeld is the creator of this hotel with the material made entirely from chocolate. The aim is to celebrate the opening of its Magnum ice cream Ecuador and Ghana. Karl used 10.5 tons of chocolate imported from Belgium to create everything in the room, from furniture, bedding, light sleep … Most of the features of the room is a statue of supermodel Baptise Giabiconi bed.

Clay, reed, wood

Orel is located in the river, the city Dnepropertrovsk, Ukraine 28 km, hotel located in a forest Friend lush and airy. Before construction, the company Ryntovt analysis of raw materials and energy in the region. Finally, they decided to build a hotel from materials such as environmentally friendly wood, clay, reed.


Hotel companies T3arc Tubo is designed to take advantage of the sewers. Each room has double bed and layout overlooking the Sierra del Tepozteco region, Mexico. The advantage of the hotel made from a sewer is constructed quickly and provide a reasonable rest.

Train carriages

Unique hotel utilized 4 train carriages and provide full facilities such as bedrooms, dining room. Besides, the things in the room also, utilize and recycle, such as a desk from the sign signal, or beds made from old ships. The hotel is located in a farm in Hoogwoud, The Netherlands.


This is the only hotel made of sand and the largest, located in Weymouth beach, Dorset, England. Each room with single bed or double bed with views of open space overlooking the sea. Customers must spend 21 USD to stay overnight at this hotel.


Made from the basic salt, Palacio de Sal hotel located on the world’s largest salt lake Salar de Uyuni, the capital of La Paz, Bolivia 350 km. Wall of the hotel are made from the dry salt basis – a mixture of salt and water solid as cement. During the rainy season, reinforced walls add new salt platform. Customers are required to leave here not lick the walls, because it may cause damaged the hotel.

Mobile homes

This hotel is a group of friends in Berlin, Germany created. They refurbished an old factory in Neukolln, upgrade the warehouse then built a hotel from the mobile home. Hutten called Palast, the hotel offers fully equipped rooms and cafes, gardens, restaurants …

Wine barrels

Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren in the Netherlands make use 4 barrels of wine from Switzerland and convert them into guest rooms. Each containing up to 14,500 liters of wine, each cask is a room for 2 people with full amenities. Even in the room has bathroom and living room.

Romance castles around the world

Each of the ancient castle, sparkling again lies a story of romance. Romance castles around the world:

1. Boldt Castle

Over thousands of islands on the Saint Lawrence River near Alexandria Bay, New York, USA, Boldt Castle highlights not only architecture but also by huge love bold mark in each castle walls stations. Its owner, George Boldt was taking the building to express their deep love for his wife Louise Valentine holiday in 1905.

The team built the castle of 300 workers, masons, carpenters, artisans decorated in period of 5 years, from 1900 to 1905. Boldt Castle medieval architectural style and Victorian architecture with 6 floors, 120 rooms with tunnel system, power plants, Italian style gardens, a bridge, a children’s play and a “home” for the pigeons, but the building was unfinished Boldt Louis when the wife of George Boldt had lost a year before completing the castle. Since then, George Boldt always stop the completion of it and never returned to the island evokes the pain of loss anymore.

In 1977 the government bought back after 73 years the castle was abandoned and destroyed by the harsh weather with only $ 1 and proceed remodeled. Now, Boldt Castle is a romantic destination for newlyweds and couples during the Valentine’s Day and honeymoon.

2. Swallow Nest

“Castle erotic” Swallow Nest, a symbol of the autonomous Republic of Crimea (Crimean), southern Ukraine, is one of the castle’s most famous romantic waters near Yalta on the Black Sea was built in 1912 the modern Gothic style. Sadly, when people barely feel the love, the beautiful fairy tale castle suffered a tremendous loss. In 1927, a 6-7 magnitude earthquake that rocks the goddess Aurora Dawn castle located where cracking badly broken and forced to shut down 40 years later. Later, when restored, Swallow Nest has become the party for the guests to enjoy “the painted sea trenches” experience with romantic love scene when immersed in the vast space of Ai-Todor cape and Black Sea coast on the night.

3. Casa Loma

To the city of Toronto Canada a beautiful country, visitors can not miss the castle Casa Loma (Spanish is the roof on the hill) in Gothic style by Sir Henry Mill Pellatt brigadier promised to build Mary wife of his beautiful from 1911 to 1914. Because the great love with his wife, Henry did not regret spending money hand $ 5 million giant that time (about 65 million dollars today) along with 300 workers to complete the “home” Canada’s largest private, 3 stories high, including 98 rooms with modern furniture. But, unfortunately, after a mere 10 years living in the castle dream love, Henry had to sell the castle for $ 1.5 million of furniture along with 250 thousand dollars for loss of ability to pay tax by the depreciation due to the First World War caused. Casa Loma is now a vast museum surrounded by a beautiful natural garden – an attractive destination for visiting tourists.

4. Captian’s Castle

Located on the town of Cameron, Oklahoma, USA, may castle Captain’s Castle is not huge in size and not large in area but it is considered proof greatest hidden inside a natural beautiful love history. In fact, JE Reynolds is going neo-chauvinist (meaning all factions cult of extreme spiritual) blindness, therefore, respect for women and their contributions to his very ” rare. ” All opinions have changed since Reynolds was seriously injured when participating in the American civil war (1861 – 1865) and escape death narrowly enthusiasm thanks to the care of two daughters of union officers of Reynolds. He was married to wife Felicity – a descendant prominent Choctaw family. In 1890, he built the castle Reynolds’ Castle, also known as Captain’s Castle to Castle exhibits her love with beloved wife.

5. Taj Mahal

Ignore all the vast acreage, all domes, spiers and white marble horns before the challenges of weather, ignoring a Synchronization architectural style of bold design India, Islamic former teacher and Persia (now the Islamic Republic of Iran) with sophisticated features to the virtuosity of the lines inside the Taj Mahal is building architectural stamp romantic love, but no less spectacular pain in the ancient capital of Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Simply because this place is the tomb where Emperor Shah Jahan (1592 – 1666) built for his wife Mumtaz Mahal his beloved resting after birth Gauhara Princess Begum in 1631. It took 22 full years, the whole works Taj Mahal was completed. It is also the resting place of Emperor Shah Jahan after the ice age.

6. Kellie’s Castle

Kellie’s Castle is the oldest castle in Malaysia is boss Scottish plantation manager William Kellie Smith built for his wife Agnes before they moved to Malaysia in 1903 settlements. In 1915, to celebrate the event his first son was born, and look forward to soothe away nostalgia of Agnes, Kellie decided to extend the castle and gave it the new name is Kellie’s Folly with Synchronization architecture-Roman Greece, Morocco and India.

A flu pandemic from Spain has claimed the lives of 70 construction workers, along with Kellie died of pneumonia, the remaining workers have to Kellie’s Castle unfinished, from there, around the building floor radio is a lot of rumors haunted horror, mystery. Until now, Kellie’s Castle is the most attractive location for Ghost Hunters (demon hunter) interest risk and adventure.