10 hotels made from odd materials

Materials such as sewage pipes, container, chocolate, salt … are utilized to create full hotel amenities and unique.

On the card

The hotel is located in New York, American artist Bryan Berg has been built out of 200,000 on the card. It includes a living room, a bathroom and lobby. Each room, walls, furniture and even toilets are made from plastic card. Berg is the former record by building a house of plastic cards in 1992. At that time he was 17.


Tonghe Shanzi design company in China has completed 5-star hotel Xiang Xiang Xiang Pray House made of container cargo. On the surface, this hotel looks like a dump goods on the hill Changski but inside the rooms are cozy and luxurious. Each room is designed in traditional Chinese style with expensive furniture. Besides, due to container, the hotel can easily move to another place. Xiang Xiang Pray House will be opening in August.


The famous designer Karl Lagerfeld is the creator of this hotel with the material made entirely from chocolate. The aim is to celebrate the opening of its Magnum ice cream Ecuador and Ghana. Karl used 10.5 tons of chocolate imported from Belgium to create everything in the room, from furniture, bedding, light sleep … Most of the features of the room is a statue of supermodel Baptise Giabiconi bed.

Clay, reed, wood

Orel is located in the river, the city Dnepropertrovsk, Ukraine 28 km, hotel located in a forest Friend lush and airy. Before construction, the company Ryntovt analysis of raw materials and energy in the region. Finally, they decided to build a hotel from materials such as environmentally friendly wood, clay, reed.


Hotel companies T3arc Tubo is designed to take advantage of the sewers. Each room has double bed and layout overlooking the Sierra del Tepozteco region, Mexico. The advantage of the hotel made from a sewer is constructed quickly and provide a reasonable rest.

Train carriages

Unique hotel utilized 4 train carriages and provide full facilities such as bedrooms, dining room. Besides, the things in the room also, utilize and recycle, such as a desk from the sign signal, or beds made from old ships. The hotel is located in a farm in Hoogwoud, The Netherlands.


This is the only hotel made of sand and the largest, located in Weymouth beach, Dorset, England. Each room with single bed or double bed with views of open space overlooking the sea. Customers must spend 21 USD to stay overnight at this hotel.


Made from the basic salt, Palacio de Sal hotel located on the world’s largest salt lake Salar de Uyuni, the capital of La Paz, Bolivia 350 km. Wall of the hotel are made from the dry salt basis – a mixture of salt and water solid as cement. During the rainy season, reinforced walls add new salt platform. Customers are required to leave here not lick the walls, because it may cause damaged the hotel.

Mobile homes

This hotel is a group of friends in Berlin, Germany created. They refurbished an old factory in Neukolln, upgrade the warehouse then built a hotel from the mobile home. Hutten called Palast, the hotel offers fully equipped rooms and cafes, gardens, restaurants …

Wine barrels

Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren in the Netherlands make use 4 barrels of wine from Switzerland and convert them into guest rooms. Each containing up to 14,500 liters of wine, each cask is a room for 2 people with full amenities. Even in the room has bathroom and living room.