16 decorating mistakes

The mindset seems harmless but led to no small mistakes in home décor makes you lose the space aesthetic.

1. Buying carpet is too small

This is a mistake that almost always the mother suffer. Due to the small carpet area only to be modest in the room, breaking the space that you want to build. Rugs too well that an imbalance between areas in the room. For example, in the living room carpet to the sofa should be appropriate so that at least the front legs of the sofa arranged around the carpet to put on the carpet.

2. Buy furniture before measuring a room to decorate

In the excitement the brink of a new nest, many parents in front of furniture that does not care to measure the size of the room. Often the map is too small or too big for the room. Buy carpet to match the room

3. Paint the walls the same color tones of different shades

For the large room you are prepared paint, choose paint color paint color is darker than you imagine. If your space is an open space should choose darker paint color paint color when you paint a small room.

4. No bedside

The bed is the focus of any impression bedroom but many parents do tend to ignore it. If the bed without the bed, “fighting” with an eye-catching art paintings or decorative expensive mats. The bed should paint the walls with impressive color. Headboard impression, a highlight of the room

5. Home décor without consulting

Lead to costly, difficult and always causing trouble for the family. You ask for help from a person who lodges in space or an interior design professional.

6. Decorate the house without your favorite things

Do not console themselves that, I do not like this today, then tomorrow will be like. There are things you can not love life, so do not try to buy them floating about.

7. Buying too many small ornaments

One is packed house, the second is expensive. Spend the money to buy items unique, high-affirmed his good aesthetics. Display means not too much junk in the room

8. Hanging pictures too high in the

Often the paintings should hang by the bed, sofa or from about 24-25cm is the most logical. Hallway, stairs, walls can hang from the wall to avoid a high of about 1.6 to 1.7 m.

9. Neglecting the home decorating scene before

Typically, a person wants to buy a nice house or the best impression to your home usually pay attention to the door scene first. Should be painted the same color outside of the garage. Additional door painted with the colors to create striking and impressive.

10. Do not hit the wall light

Many parents think, to highlight the common wall darker, different color paint or wood-paneled walls clean. For high should do, even with low, if the wall from 2-7cm, then we should paint the same color as the wall, the wall will feel higher. Low ceiling would be higher if the same wall and the wall color

11. What is also displayed

The impact of collections antique value, the art of beautiful statue or picture frames families mark anniversary of the visitors was very high for many users prefer rhetoric, what is laid out , this only makes the house look cluttered. Create a space to display them fixed.

12. There are so many accents in a room

Each space should only need a point to make an impression. In the living room sofa is usually the area, reception desk, TV shelf. In the bedroom the bed usually. Bathroom sinks and a mirror.

13. Space without the presence of natural

Rooms need fresh flowers, bonsai trees whether it is small, simple, such as cactus. Limitations of silk flowers and paper flowers because they are quite expensive to buy or obsolete. Space need flowers to add some life room

14. Try to buy everything in one day

This just makes your head submerged in a pile of furniture. Please help me have time to look back and examine the budget by calm choice.

15. Drapery “fat” too

Quality curtains in the living room is a class criteria confirmed by the landlord. If you want to save it should save blinds in bedrooms, children’s rooms. What room is not bad.

16. Mix too much furniture

As simple as beautiful wood. Do not get more than 3 in a cardboard timber items such as flooring, cabinets, tables … Curtains hung rooms need quality.