Apartment-style country

As a gentle breeze, rustic country style always attractive not only in exotic interior. Over how many times it still has a place can not be replaced. Apartments are located below the open, do not use the door separating the spaces. The unique layout that has created a flat Spacious and flooded with natural breathing. The interior is simple and rustic but natural blend with almost perfect charm has made ​​it hard to resist. room spacious, wide open.

Glass door systems provide abundant light to feel spacious living room, spacious. This door system also facilitates living areas fully inherited the beautiful from the window frame outside. The aftertaste brings a bamboo country to help create privacy, privacy when needed, while also reducing glare of light in sunny days fiercely.

Furniture and accessories uniformly warm brown color, from pressed bamboo wood floor to sofa, from decorative pillows to the animal side, bare canvas … The shift in color from light beige to deep brown to avoid the impression boring. All make good on the living room friendly, close. Living room provides a feeling of relaxation, euphoria for the employer as being harmony with nature.
Dining simple, friendly dining room connected with living room and adjoining kitchen. Interior simple enough for small families. Dining area with wooden table style basically inevitable monotony without the participation of the chair soft stylized design.

Floor mats reunion space marked in the open space. While ceiling lights also draw attention to the table to create conditions for closer atmosphere. flexible kitchen storage. Cozy kitchen with pretty much the appearance of rustic furniture. Storage space primarily in the lovely kitchen cabinets. The appearance of the kitchen island has also increased the storage area and used for the home. Provided under confidential cabinet space for appliances in military. Decorate the kitchen is the art ceramic disk with bold colors countryside. Lovely bedrooms, emotional. Bedrooms fully open layout with dining room and office. Lovely rest area again repeat the conversion of brown tones create a versatile look. At the same time the combination further motifs and geometric patterns emerged to help bed and emotions more vivid.
Table lamps and small bookshelf conveniently adjacent to the demand for leisure, entertainment by the employer.

Cool baths, relaxation, Bathroom with the transition of colors, from warm golden brown color of the main function room, turn green cool. White ceramic tiles applied on a large wall surface area helps to cheat, and as background for the expression of green paint to bring relaxation to look visually. The combination of green pair – white creates a cool space but no less subtle and sharp. Sink sink, wall mirror pairs with reflective lights installed above the ceiling and walls to open a series of small windows in the adjacent ceiling … are the smart choice for small bathrooms.