Application of rock art scene in home decor

You can refer to the application of rock art on the construction scene, aesthetic decoration, a balance between people and space around them. I can understand two words feng shui is the general essence, all life around us daily. It can be said that the secret solidarity between objects, land terrain, wind, water and human health ever since the ancient … So very carefully in choosing when to buy up the land. In order to create for themselves a better living environment and welfare can say is live life more. All kinds of precious stones in general like to sell you. There are magnetic fields and certain effects useful for everyone. Scientists have long known to the world and to apply the rock scene.

Besides aiming to enhance the beauty for building architecture, whose main goal is to add support for human health. Use of rock scene to apply feng shui in architecture can build from here. It is the method of choice rock category, find the appropriate place to display or put in evidence somewhere. Living room, dining room, bedroom, bath place, even when the unclean discharge … All the implications can sometimes have defects that few recognize.

We can use the rock scene to fill the defect with an understanding of the types of stone. How to correct most needs is not some sort as long rumored. But should study carefully the situation in the balance of the building architecture. The arrangement of accommodations … there should be worshiped meticulous.

The nature of the rock scene is most likely due to the composition of the minerals formed. The influence and development of minerals also work well, within a certain space. by ancient people known to use stones as a treatment for drinking water, for water to bathe … prevention of contamination, or cure some sores, increased resistance and create a balance for yourself. You can see the effect of Chasedon stone, Agate, Quartz, opal. When reflecting light energy emitted a harmonious exchange. Help balance the emotions, reduced head aches, insomnia go away, help children eat well and sleep better. Also thanks for the positive impact of some minerals in rocks Code brain, more sensitive areas where the adrenal glands. Helps you to quickly dispel the anger, feel harmony with your partner a more cheery.

The emergence of the idea can also suddenly appear, when you have a true rock scene with the character of her. Sublimation at work, forget all the useless animals, are also aesthetic and abstract presence of the rock scene. Also not understand the nature and architecture, distributed bonsai creation. There are some people who can build the house, take advantage of the space where the stairs … Song accidentally creating a pool of wet, cramped indoor born mosquito bug, more melancholy feeling. By the breathtaking beautiful undulating stone foundation, freak waves affected by the wind, bright space covers new develop its full potential beauty of the rock scene. To promote the spread of all minerals in the rock can. Done well not say when we can still make a small indoor garden.

But necessarily should know, always let the water flow, new balance and harmony. Collection to showcase just a rock art, has the town of feng shui. But to know the good quality stones are capable to meet the legitimate requirements. These types of rocks such as quartz, Chasedon, Agate, Onyx, opal … is the common type and have a lot of minerals necessary for health. From the heat of the same type of supplement, to reduce the UE where humid air. Development of heat tolerance, regulate climate and human equilibrium state. Particularly with some other rare types too, such as diamond, ruby, sapphire, Beryl, Topa … is generally used mainly for jewelry items. Done also precious paintings but quality is still poor Many people still enjoy in the interior. These ornaments of precious stones, giving employers confidence in communication. Help them progress and success in any business is doing.

The luxurious living room, where the rock art unique beauty. These panels charming paintings. Quartz spheres in the crystal. That really is where the list of how doing business. Because there has to insiders, the thoughts, ideas and empathy in signing a joint venture. And also can be a meaningful gift for a practical long-term relationship. We also implies the idea for such a little scrap Chasedon stone, quartz, agate, opal … Pour into a nail pedicure few somewhere discretion of the owner. Where it can later be living room, office, dining room, the room … Then scattered along the small road to the garden steps. The white gold quartz pebbles scattered along an orderly way. Chasedon stones, Agate big horns up prettified campus. Through the rain, sun, wind and storm erosion gradually reveal the identity so colorful. The majesty of this revered spiritual, you may notice a few Vietnamese places across our country.

These sacred objects, or the long-time-required-serving. was the old church building across the temples, pagodas, shrines and places the parish, you have to admire the stone turtle’s Temple of Literature? The evidence for the studious and respectful school students. And not to mention the scenic imperial garden in the Nguyen …. All this much can be told what his father’s class. They wanted to convey a deep sense of rock material to future generations. By in daily life, we have a very close link with the rocks. From rock usually as some gravel, or higher is the semi-precious stones and then the gems. They not only bring feeling fresh, serene of mind, very beneficial for the health of every human being every day. building architecture combined with rock art scene in a scientific way.

Necessarily essential to the needs of society. So we can better understand the nature of value feng shui stone landscape architecture is as shown. This immediate reality today, when choosing a piece of land for you to build will not be easy ranges. So complete and sufficient for the property will have a lot of defects. Building architecture mixes rock scene will coordinate work with nature to create, balanced life is essential to us all.