Balcony vibrant spring

The flower clusters fluttered in the wind with the vibrant colors bring warm air of spring into your nest. Balcony’s small but if you know how to decorate can make spring seem sharp and fresh for your house. The beauty of fresh flowers mix with those pretty little sunshine tomorrow, more thoang scent of flowers in the spring breeze to your house more beautiful than in the warm spring. Wall or safety bars of the balcony were you blown charm and vitality with the layout and pot plants, flowers impressed. The beautiful garden is formed by the plant pots were placed on the balcony, the floor is cleverly arranged so that the flower pots can “rub shoulders” and showing designs together.

Charm and beauty of the colorful flowers offers exquisite beauty and charm to your balcony when spring is on. When planting trees, flowers in the balcony, to beautiful flowers, please note the temperature, light and moisture needed to create the best environment for plants.

This plant is healthy, simple, evergreen leaves, white flowers, consistent with the purpose of decoration. In addition, peace lily reducing effects of toxins such as alcohol, acetone, formandehyde, and trichlorethylene. With easy to grow plants, easy to care for without too much water, requires less sunlight in space is suitable for home or office. Set Message Center Magnolia or Yellow (Golden Pothos – Epipremnum aureum)

Is very easy to grow plants, heart-shaped leaves yellow or cream colored. This plant sucking monoxide de carbonne very effective (75%), and smoking other substances such as benzene, toluene, formalhelyde. You can leave comments vines hanging in a corner or small pots near a window, they make the room more lively and natural. Plant ivy or perpetual (English Ivy)

As a climbing plant, easy to grow and high adaptability, except where the temperature is too high, and requires little care. The scientific name is Hedera Helix, which acts to limit the effects of airborne allergens such as trichlorethylene and formaldehyde. Recent research indicates just after 6 hours carrying pots into the house, up to 60% of respiratory pathogens, skin diseases will disappear in the air. This plant is grown indoors is recommended because it helps weed out the cause of asthma, allergies, however, harmful to children because you need to grow the reach of children.