Come into my house because it’s so beautiful

In the afternoon light coming off of a summer day, white castle Tamasago (*) in front of me as the story of the thousand and one nights. Inspired by the Taj Mahal Indian temple, Hoang Khai, Khai Group founder silk seemed to bring a mysterious air, magnificent ancient and Saigon was about to, but more modern, closer.

Castle with 19 rooms, each room is completely different design, the entire interior with only two main colors white and black, dotted red light a little from the pattern on the scarf of Indian girls degree, or a lovely little silver tableware entirely from Versace. Chamber president with an area of ​​260m2 is a gorgeous space and overwhelmed. They all look out at the river. An ultramarine blue pool is reached the castle, sneezing up the white flowers are decorated with floral motif embossed style reliefs. The dome ceiling and the walls are decorated with complex geometry, modeled on Mughal architecture and ancient style of writing is beautiful and shiny Indian … The garden extends to the river only a single plant species dracaena plant color. Only the mirror hanging in the doorway according to feng shui, the parrot with hospitable greetings and smiles a little girl reminded about Vietnamese culture.

Why after so many restaurants, hotels, resort … Khaisilk impressions, he decided to build yourself a White Castle?

In Western countries, culture castle was longstanding, which works to give people the unique architectural heritage and magnificent. But Vietnam seems you do not have the habit of building castles. Architecture to the people in Vietnam are just a villa, to more than a little palace, palaces, palace Building Tamasagon government … I want people to enjoy more the air of a cultural heritage India’s best right here in Saigon. Inside the castle, with only one line of music, it is piano, reminiscent of the old castle in 18th century Europe. I think that only a piano, a sophisticated new instrument portrayed all the cold, high into castles of unique architecture. Castle also uses its own scent made by yourself, white tea scent and noble elegance.

Taj Mahal temple must have been caused in him a very strong emotion, so he can build a dream Tamasago white?

Taj Mahal is one of the world-famous architecture in India, a touching symbol of love and beautiful. This is the garden tomb of the emperor Shah Jahan built to commemorate his deceased wife. Is always looking for new beauty essence of humanity, and never want to repeat myself, I was really overwhelmed by the spiritual beauty, and very magnificent feats of Tamaha, a marvel of creativity, of human labor. The unique, new, outstanding architecture make it unforgettable. Choose an ideal piece of land along the river, the bridge Anh Sao, Phu My Hung, along with two foreign architects, a Japanese, a German, I have described all of his wishes for a long stations. More than 1,000 workers in two years, looming Tamasago as a white twin towers. From the castle can panoramic Phu My Hung. In particular, I spent a lot of side area to make the castle became with magnificent fountains, lakes surrounding landscape to support this architecture, such as the mirror of the whole seems splendor of the castle. Tamaha emotions are expressed consistently from flowers, chairs, lamps … to the exquisite sophisticated as possible, at least in color, but the maximum of emotion. The table, on a white shades, I like a little black dotted, … can be risky, but it causes very strong feeling. Each seat colors are different designs, none like what. But all merged together again, reducing the pressure of black and white.

It feels like the Tamasago, he unleash new people in his paintings?

I am very concerned about color and form in architecture and interior design. I want all her guests enjoy the full pleasure of sumptuous elegance peaked, as the porcelain tableware with black and white Versace, Hermes beam lamps are not less than $ 20,000 / females, with a service style peaked. Above all, I understand if you do not make a difference in service, will not be able to conquer the guests.

With Tamasago, what he wants?

I want to turn this place into a palace is open to all visitors, from the rich to the most ordinary people, young students from the poor to her vendors, including teachers, teacher through this … when can visit. Enjoy a glass of wine, drink a glass of fragrant juice, a cup of coffee with prices in other restaurants, you can share with me the beauty of the castle. I’ve built a lot of restaurants, hotels and resorts, but this is the first I can be proud. The castle is made not for me alone, but for everyone to enjoy.

With Au Manoir on Dien Bien Phu, his famous “restaurant closed”, with prices well … heaven! Why is this now a castle is open?

It really is a threshold of my new life. I have passed five or six top of the hill, can “open” heart. Tamasago is the fragrance of the royal, pure. Inscriptions fragrance will radiate, and it must be to emit a scent in the heart of most ordinary people. I want all of them can enjoy the scent that …

The meaning of life with what he is?

Create beautiful product, unique, perfect society. A nice meal, a beautiful fashion, a beautiful house it makes your life more new, more poetic. Come into my house because of it … so beautiful! The beauty brought a intangible value, and sometimes are priceless.

Busy occupied with work from morning to night, how do I find peace?

I just really peaceful in creating a perfect product. I share with each of his employees, to create peace. These are not innovative at the time the most insecure. In times of economic crisis, why did you decide to invest such large Tamasago? Do you expect will Tamasago sustainable over time? That was a decision “verry Khaisilk”, always doing something different, think about what can not reach. His intellect is just to bring new beauty to life. Time will tell who he is. Time is also evidence for Revelation, Revelation help overcome the ongoing challenges of life.