Decorate the nursery with feng shui

According to feng shui school, the nursery should pay special attention to the individual functions for maximum support comprehensive development of children.  The child’s room is both a place of rest, just as learning spaces, play, arrange for the child when you should pay attention to many factors, including feng shui is an indispensable part.

Choose a good location
The child’s room should be located in the east or west, or southeast house, to be able to welcome the morning sun soon, helping them develop a good and stable. Do not place the children’s room at the center position, not only affect the fate of the house but not good for children.
When painting the walls of her room to use colorful, cheerful will contribute to enhancing the flexibility and spirit of optimism, love of life. For girls, the color tends romantic, natural light pink, cream, yellow … For boys, choose the color represents the masculine, strong and independent like the color green. The fairy paintings or cartoon characters will help promote imagination and creativity of children. You can also hang the picture painted by children themselves, children will enjoy and feel more confident.
The feng shui room layout in the nursery, furniture needs to tidy up, tidy, space for children to play, run and jump.
Best bed head east or southeast. Choose the north or northwest is also good for children’s sleep at night. In the nursery, in addition to statistical Bed desks, bookcases, wardrobes and cabinets decorated with teddy bears, picture frames and boxes of toys for children.Furniture in the nursery should have round-shaped or curved trim angle, there should be no sharp edges likely to cause injury to children.
Do not place mirrors in the nursery, because according to feng shui, the mirror is reflecting material weapon, and create a sense of likely to cause psychological instability; mirrors reflect light easily disturb the air … On the other hand, children often are very active, while playing, throwing the ball can cause collisions of objects, if the mirror break sharp pieces will be very dangerous.
Natural light is good for children’s health so you should choose the location to design to fit the window, the newly created open atmosphere, the fresh medium without sun glare, rain crosses. You can use light colored wall lights instead of cabinet lights or lamps are placed on the floor, to create a warm space, bright. Arrange the child’s interest and in accordance to feng shui, you’ll give me an ideal space for overall development.