Design consultant tube 5 floors 4x12m area

Question: I have a land area of 4x12m, the front is the left side lane is 3 m and 1.5 m alley.Visit the North East. Thanks to digital consultancy to help me build a house with 5 floors of modern space, wide open.

Answer: With the land area as well as the open air superiority has two very popular now but to get nice airy space, utilities are things to note. To ensure these factors and in accordance with the requirements of his family use, we give form to his home following reference:

Level 1: 1st floor spacious layout for parking machines. We allocate enough space for the family to automobiles in the future. The remaining area architect designed kitchen space to cook and eat, and may prescribe a set of tables and chairs for guests to play the next. Career Exposure kitchen window open for more room space as space becomes more open cooking. Natural light is removed from the well scale, and plant more trees help green living space closer to nature.

Level 2: Level 2 is the main space for the reception. Stairs from 1st floor in contact with the upper floor is home to receive light from outside to inside. The remaining area is digital layout with parents’ bedroom layout, sort of harmony handy and light.

Level 3: Level 3 is arranged with 2 bedrooms and learning center for 2 children 1 son 1 daughter of the family. Two spaces are always filled with children’s natural light, provide ventilation and comfort for your baby. Besides, his son’s bedroom light was taken from the user system, his daughter’s bedroom light was taken from the user side system. Because the area should limit the 3rd floor bathroom shared use.

Level 4: 4th floor of the house was the architect arranged a room that church, and a rest room for visitors wishing to relax at home.

Floor 5: The top floor is arranged for the laundry area, drying reporters. We have arranged a set of tables and chairs on the terrace, here will be combined with the bonsai to create a quiet space to relax end of the day for the home. It is also heat-resistant layer to the entire house.

With an area of public utility property and the height so the proportion of homes will look reasonable, impressive exterior differences compared to other houses. Below is a perspective exterior works. Hopefully your family will soon be selected design plans and obtain the desired house.