Determine the apartments

The determination of direction for a home in general and in particular apartment is a to-do and have great significance in Feng Shui. Many people believe that direction is the direction of the apartment windows and doors to the balcony where the sunny, wind from space direct external exposure.

Through practice and experience, this calculation is incorrect. These notions were mistaken when considered on the elements of wind and sun on the air constitutes a “chi” in feng shui. Indeed not. “Qi” is formed by the movement and human interaction with the house. A simple assumptions also indicate this. If we seal all windows, doors, the use may still be living, though very inconvenient, difficult.

But if we shut the front door of the apartment is certainly not operating. Therefore, the direction of the apartment must be calculated by the direction of the apartment doors. Feng shui is the old question “Opening up inclined subjects” is talking about this idea. Besides determining the azimuth, the determination of the measurement direction of the apartment with a compass is something other than the actual theory, sometimes using a compass to measure direction for the condominium for these results can not be used!

Condominium with features so many textures often reinforced core with higher magnetic villas or land distribution platform many times, so easy to falsify compass needle to the determination of the direction not correct. Experience is not only measured in many different locations, both inside and outside the apartment building and that such tools are satellite maps and tools that can skip to the corpse of a key input parameters correct.

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