External housing revealed good or bad

Exterior house is one of the major factors affecting transport to financial and career of the owner. Therefore, the need to carefully consider these factors when buying houses.

  1. Four raised the house as well. Abundant with good things, a thriving, talented children.
  2. The front house has a high mound, behind a mountain and hill country east of that line, the west is the great sugar sand. As their descendants forever, enjoy fortune luck.
  3. The East High, low west, north there are many great mountains of sand. Money’s like mountains, around fun, harmony.
  4. Short-West, East Long, the owner good luck, abundant wealth, children and grandchildren thrive.
  5. The south has mounds, north hills, with water flowing west to the south, lower terrain to the east, stretching over a mile as well.
  6. The two eastern and western rivers flowing through there as well. Homeowners are always lucky, blessed posterity forever.
  7. In the southwest with lakes, hills Northeast as well. The homeowner wealth, children and grandchildren enjoy the sun fortune.
  8. To the southwest is a high mound, of sand. As in long, as descendants of glory, eternal prosperity.
  9. To the north of the grave mounds of sand heron. At this place, the gentleman to enjoy the fortune, the popular, the family ran smoothly.
  10. To the northwest is hilly, good. Increasingly prosperous family. Descendants successful as radiant ancestry.
  11. The South and the North with the high mountains to the east and west have sandy beaches, lakes, owner wealth, longevity.
  12. In the northeast there is a sand hill. Wealth is abundant, prosperous descendants.
  13. The North houses hill, near the southern lakes, the terrain gradually to the northwest as well. Descendants honor radiant ancestry.
  14. North, Northwest, Northeast has high hills, with mountains southwest, south sloping as well. Home up here, very many children. Descendants talented glory.
  15. North West has more than ten thousand miles of mountains, the Southeast has the same message the same message mountains, terrain southwest, northeast, the rich flat.
  16. To the north is mountainous, the east is the blue water, the west, where roads are good. Descendants magnify.