Feng shui for wedding rooms: should and should not

Feng shui wedding room this time a lot of attention. By simple feng shui of a room will bring comfort to the young couple in their new life.

What to do

The color scheme of the interior decorations are not just aesthetic reach, offering features romantic, gentle, charming but also to ensure proper feng shui. Judging by this criterion, the pink is priority number one for couples. By pink symbolizes sweetness, tender. Some people prefer to use red looks good on warm and sensual but feng shui colors is recommended that this should not be used to decorate the wedding because red capital warm tones easily lead to psychological insecurity. Long will cause neurasthenia generated discord, quarrel.

Along with the standard color set is the first layout must also be consistent around the space, compatible with the color of the walls of the frame. Wedding room location is best placed in a location with enough light, the light is too dark to make your child feel uncomfortable, disturbing. The atmosphere of the wedding room be ventilated, to avoid the paint smell, the smell of furniture, new wall air smells stuffy. A bed fit the best design. “The mysterious death,” wrote, spring bed head east, south summer, fall headboard west, north winter bedside.

And the things to avoid

Do not choose a room “transparent” to the wedding room. According to feng shui modern rooms that have too much wedding glass wall during the prone female infidelity. As for those who are eager to get married things are not going prone or emotionally. Do not do wedding door close to the opposite poles, as this is newly married to or in conflict. If the new room more use stickers to decorate, you should avoid these kinds of patterns can disrupt the sharp eye for shapes will make nursing scholarship sleep is not deep, dreamless ease.

The wedding room, the bed should not place amplifiers to avoid controversy about the couple. The bed should not directly with the television, avoid neurasthenia. bed position to avoid the White Tiger, not the husband and wife is prone to disharmony.Two side of the bed toward the door WC can not otherwise be made to health disorders.

Not be in bed by the window to the ground, the sun is too intense, insecure wife. The two sides are not close to the bed door, causing anxiety, headaches ceiling does not get sores or ceiling decorated with fantastic, easy form trigrams, natural place is the retina, causing disease. Do not use the furniture or decorating the room with bold color is gray. Be aware of pale or neutral colors to make the room brighter, feeling, relaxed, gentle, warm. Overall layout of the wedding hall must be uniform in color, harmony of style, the beauty of unity, just as lively defense married, have created a warm space for newly married couples .