Heyri art village in Korea

Korea on sunny stretches of green color on the forest path leading bus went to the village one of a kind in Korea, where all the artists here are living a dream: Heyri Art Village . Only an hour drive from Seoul, where the valley atmosphere was completely different. No house was in Heyri like any architecture.

At Heyri, you can leisurely stroll and see unique house, monster monster, abnormal, showing unlimited creativity. In a country where the people live in houses of concrete apartment blocks the same type, same color, same model, to enjoy life in the house like this is probably just a dream. Here, the majority of houses are used for the purpose of art and business

Indeed, nearly 500 artists working in the arts such as writers, painters, actors, architects and musicians have together to build a cultural village called Heyri. The house next dormant reeds corner, under a canopy of maple or brilliant yellow flowers on a field has a single common point is not the same as any work in any area. The chief architect of the village proud for that green in Heyri dense connected nervous system of humans

With the owner in Heyri structures, whether residential or exhibition, museum, bookstore or coffee shop, can proud to say that they are living in the house unique. Formed from part of the project “Development of unified land” of the Korea Land Corporation, Heyri newly formed Art Village youth is a village book (Heyri located in Paju city, renowned as the cradle of the industry published in Korea). Very quickly after that, the idea of a village for artists this world has been warmly supported.

Today, Heyri is known as a cultural arts village. Heyri name given to the village, a song derived from traditional farming in the city of Paju, Gyeonggi-do is called “The Sound of Heyri”. Heyri village is still far in the process of building new homes continues to rise. “Heyri” comes from the word “Hey hey”, reminds the listener a sense of fun and excitement, often farmers sing while doing the same. Kim Jun-sung, one of the chief architects of the project Heyri village, said the village was created as a space filled with creativity, and inspiration for artists, and is minimized at have negative impacts on the surrounding environment.

These structures were built in Heyri though not by any rules and make the most creative, still must comply with the rules is not only higher than three storeys. Surely this is the most desirable villages in the world for anyone who is active in the field of art. The architecture is one of a kind show ceaseless creativity of the artists selected Heyri is home and work. Especially when they are living in an environment filled with trees. Green network connection Heyri dense valley in the tourist stops in small parks or places of rest and relaxation.

The marshes are ecologically preserved in the heart of the valley. And flowers will always be present everywhere as a way to honor the natural beauty and wildlife. in Heyri Enjoy what? This small village has more than 30 different large and small museums in areas such as international folk musical instruments, the traditional food, toy museum, butterflies, stamps, posters, movies … Heyri is the only village in Korea, where you can see the lane is now a writer, or artist, famous actors. Those allowed to live and build houses here must go through a review by the village management

In addition, six other galleries is also present in Heyri. In the future, about 30 other galleries will also be built, where visitors can enjoy works of art, crafts and ceramics. Music also is never lacking in Heyri. There are so many small concert halls as well as the studio for chamber music performances. At any time when walking around the small trail of the village, you can also listen some classical music emits a gracefully from pretty small communities on the road. The small studio certainly can not appear here. Chocolate-colored house at the same time this is a coffee shop and studio of the same name. The village even has a museum of international folk drama. In the future, will have 10 halls were built, hosts seminars on philosophy, history, literature and art.

Along with that, about 50 houses, 100 shops and art map neck, 30 other major bookstore will also present here. Heyri activities like? Heyri Art Village is open 24 hours a day. However, the museum and the exhibition is open from 10 to 19 hours a day, and many places may be closed on Monday. Even a coffee shop is also a gallery or exhibition, the museum. Note that hours of operation may vary slightly at each museum. The museum is associated with cafes and restaurants are open later than the time frame above. Visitors do not pay any fees as they reach the Heyri, unless they want to tour the galleries or warranty Museum. The map provided at village information kiosk at the door at No. 1, fee is 500 won for a map.