Kick the leak proof out of wet season

There are a thousand and one reasons for making your house leak when it rains and to remedy this situation is not well known. We suggest several solutions to help you prevent and fix this problem effectively.

Temporary solutions

Our ancestors used to say “prevention is better than cure”, so the wall surface exposed to the user should use extreme climatic shielding measures such as tree climbing membrane incorporating fountains, making the wall face not a sudden shrinkage due to temperature change. For flat roof area, must be reasonably calculated to divide the spark gap slope is not too long, many grooves and holes arranged collection of water. Limit the obstacles that block the roof drainage direction as decorative columns, flower beds …

When you see the stain of the structures beneath the gutters, splash box, terrace … to bowl mortar for waterproofing additives on. When the heart is too shallow gutters, water tends to overflow upstream on the roof, to cut a few holes just below the overflow to a dangerous position. Be the first paint the item or purlins to avoid rust …

Waterproof wall

The solution is considered the simplest and most widely used at present is to use waterproof paint. Waterproof paint suit a variety of surfaces ranging from waterproofing additives mixed into the cement mixer when pouring concrete, to the floor repelling coating to plastic roof, floor protection before birth brick, painted cementitious waterproofing cost savings for the walls is not necessary to the aesthetic, biological waterproof paint, decorative paint, glue or silicon to the limit processing the door openings, holes … In particular, waterproofing paint just one wall waterproofing solutions simple, just create aesthetic features of the building.

Ceiling leak proof

For the condominium if the leak from the ceiling is due to the restroom area, drain the upstairs apartment in a leak. In this case must be handled immediately by beating up the brick layer impermeable areas, coating with a layer of fiberglass and waterproof glue, eventually filling a layer of cement and bricks back together. For regular houses, the roofs leak, can apply some measures such as Sealing cracks in gutters, stain, stucco terrace with a mixture of cement, sand and anti- infiltration with at least 1 cm in thickness, and check the water does not drain out directly at the top, side walls or joints between roof, walls and windows. The cause of the leak proof roof gutters are also due to our land, when it needs replacing our gutters are deeper or more turbid water hole position overflow.

Old walls are cracked, waterproof

Over time, the outer protective coating of the walls were peeling, mold or moss wall cracks, long days of rain and moisture in small cracks in the wall permeable to affect the structure and evaluation beauty of the house. The fix is to simply scrape peeling paint or flour dust, then use detergents and chemicals to kill molds that clean tight areas. Use mortar to fill the holes and large cracks, resurfaces with special powder for outdoor wall, then use waterproof paint for disposal. To achieve best performance to ensure that the substrate should be clean, dry wall and humidity below 16%. After surface preparation is coated with alkaline resistant paint, wait for the paint to dry and water-repellent layer on 1-2.

Absorb leaking window frames, window wall outside

Can apply some of the following methods:

Insert block: Apply it when the wall around the window frames, window openings are not sealed insert. When handling, first removing loose mortar or compact around the window frame and masonry, in this bituminous fiber insertion slot, then insert firmly cement grout, plaster slot carefully.

Use a waterproof coating: For leak proof window frames, window panels of the outer wall decoration material paste. When the processor can scan waterproof coating polymer in the joints of the block interior doors, window wall outside, preventing infiltration of rainwater into the slot from the slot between windows.

Organic silicon processing: Use for slot windows and large openings, inserts have cracked grout. First clean the grout in the cracks of doors, windows, sealed plane by adding more cement waterproofing powder, surface treated with a sweep of inert material such as organic silicon.

Absorb leaking the decorative brick nuggets

Present outside wall decoration tiles, ceramic tiles, decorative surface material cracks or flaking appeared shut, rainwater seeped into the block wall from the room, causing leak proof.

In this case, the first change, fix decorative tiles pasted shut from peeling or damaged, if any cracks or voids, cement grout or material inserted to repair. Then clean the dirt as short lime, mortar, abscesses … on the wall. Mix paint “universal” with the ratio of 1:10 ~ 15, using direct injection or pump brush, brush on two consecutive dry wall, to wall suction no solution, avoid pumping errors. Focal spraying of decorative ceramic tiles are the gaps between tiles, which can first brush past a vertical slot turns on, then spray a coat of paint as prescribed above.