Method neutralize murderous housing

Many kinds of murderous generated accidentally or intentionally in life and affect not good to you. Here is how to limit, neutralize less murderous in each case.

1. False negative monitoring – air from the evil Hades

If you are facing the unfortunate places such as cemeteries or funeral homes will be called a murderous evil sound monitoring; houses near a slaughterhouse also kind, easy-getters sound evil, that the owner or disease, uncertainties in trouble, even relationships with people around also deteriorated.

To neutralize this watch as, to put a pair of dragons towards where murderous, and put a pair of unicorns or a retired couple in spleen under murderous direction. If the situation is relatively serious, can put a sword, coins, but be careful not located in the Five Devils. Sword is associated with coins have murderous effects neutralize strong.

2. She carved look – her murderous soul

Houses opposite the places where unfortunately not, by contrast, faces solemn places like temples, churches are not very good. That’s because these places have many adherents regularly cross, incense smoke room untouched, as is the focus of the dead souls, around the four sides are easy monitoring of air from her (her murderous soul), leading to the fate of family members are going down, hard to get people supporting you. To neutralize this murderous, can put a pair of dragons direction out of the window, or may be mounted motion picture lotus lamp, and incense regularly to resolve.

3. Exclusive audio monitoring

The house opposite the public or toxic landfill will close sound. If in a group home, close the gas affect apartment from 6th or lower, so the object is outside this range need not worry. Normally, the closer the more murderous assault, adverse effects to health and financial interests of the people inside. To neutralize, lake lots can put together a string of white jade imperial coins or bank resources handbook. White emerald jade empire is money, said to be six coins of six most prosperous emperor Qing dynasty that is: Favourable Treatment, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, Gia Khanh and Quang Dao. According to feng shui, the currency of the era of strong and flourishing with the air, it will neutralize the murderous good.

4. Trigrams close

Ta gas formed by a neighbor put feng shui items such as mirrors, bagua, flexible interesting to town for their families. These items, feng shui mascot has strong murderous, the murderous assault is used to tame the mind outside of their home so it will create adverse effects for the opposite. Dissolved by placing the feng shui turtle shells and a string of platinum emerald base money to achieve less murderous, this is the method used needs to win diamond, feng shui items used to limit the negative effects of other feng shui items .