Refurbished home decor just one day

Try decorating solutions only done in one day introduced in the following categories to create new images for the interior space. The solution does not take much time to not require much effort. Why not try?

1. The simple art paintings

If you want to create impressive point for the living room but not much cost and time, you can use a favorite fabric samples to create art for the wall angle. Just cut the fabric into many different sizes, wrapped and pinned them on the wooden frame. Make sure your knife may be the spectacular display of NHE fabric patterns!

2. “Awaken” a boring wall

Awaken a new paint walls with bright colors. A fun color, life-like lemon yellow, applied on the center wall will create impressive special for a small space. This color is especially effective in the room north of the capital constraints of natural light. Brown color wood floors or furniture land with neutral colors will help harmonize and balance your whole room.

3. Make shelves “puzzle”

Create a simple three-tiered shelves like puzzle games of young children. Use several wooden chairs stacked in a single rule, and the color harmony of the chair. With the gaps and “abundance”, you can fill with a few accessories to coast as a small vase or pot plants … So you already have an impressive bookshelves, has storage capacity, has highly decorative.

4. Change the appearance of familiar walls

Select a central wall or walls that you want to “stress” to change the image. Then choose the wallpaper ensure the connection with the wall color in the room. These solutions help you change the appearance of space quickly, easily, do not cost much but is not afraid to cause the overload of images.

5. Create hidden storage

Utilizing bed space by adding the portable storage device. You can “reuse” the old desk drawer by the new paint them or leave the wood veneer to create the nostalgic look, then attach the wheel to help them move easily as you gain hon.Vay storage space for out of season clothes or little used items.

6. Bring new life to the common room

“Wearing” living space to your home’s new color “good eye” over. Spray paint on a chair with color highlights. Change the pillows based simple pattern with colorful pillows, vivid images enrich the room.