Resort in house

These products are mass copying makes people feel indigestion. The particular design, unique and personal stamp are slowly ascended the throne … Since the total solar eclipse event (late 1995), Mui Ne (Phan Thiet) is noted as a land of gold with the explosion of the resort. Drag the rush that is looking for and application of modern invention in combination with the traditional architectural achievements Vietnam in resort design. Along the way, a new trend in housing construction – interior resort was born. This trend is actually the world many years ago, with the following characteristics:

The different experience

Function merely shelter of a house is no longer city property owners to worry. Satisfaction level of material comfort in the house fell down, replaced by demand for the different experience, also known as experience spiritual value, highly refined, sophisticated look tone, such as relaxing in the luxurious resort.

Experience that begins with the clear water, green trees inviting um, cool space filled with wind and sun flowers; furniture is made from natural materials with the rustic appearance of traditional and trendy ; a chill-out music seeping across the room; a clean fresh food additives are not harmful; that every corner has the privacy of living high as hobbies are organized enough to laughter Group convergence of the family always resonate.

Besides the natural tendency to enter the home, homeowners also apply the essence of traditional feng shui interior to balance the positive energy in your home and bring luck, happiness and prosperity. In addition, saturated with so many objects, akin to another house, plus an interest in spiritual experience, is now the owner has engaged in the construction or renovation of your home, They even do the furniture (maybe you already know the concept of “Do it yourself” came from IKEA furniture). Together with architects, homeowners involved in the construction process, improving their own living space, contributing to create a relaxing interior is becoming more personality.

Personal sexism

These products are mass copying makes people feel indigestion. The particular design, unique and personal stamp are slowly ascended the throne. This trend was influenced by the type of boutique hotel launched in the 1980s. One of the first boutique hotel in the world has opened to the public in 1981 the Blakes hotel in South Kensington, London (designed by Anouska Hempel famous stylist). Then there is also a very successful launch of the Morgans Hotel in Murray Hill, New York City in 1984 by French designer Andree Putnam designed. We can say, it was time the items are mass-produced plastic to say goodbye from their homes, if they are in no representative character of the user.

Simple, elegant and practical

Through access to information from the internet giants, we become more sophisticated in determining the real value of the item or service. Rather than accept any price to buy the luxury furniture to show off with the same level, now, the real value of the products are highly valued in the selection criteria. This led to new trends: focus on quality rather than quantity and the glamor. In fact, it is also consistent with the concept of “sustainable food must wear” of the Vietnamese people from the past.

On the other hand, life sometimes rapidly changing, and to love the new psychology, people leaning towards simple things to balance the soul. Furniture now also become simpler, more elegant. For example, the saving wall cabinet area has reduced distraction, help people pay more attention to the constantly changing interesting nature of the landscape outside.

Bring high community

As civilized people, have the knowledge, the modern homeowner can not not care about environmental issues. On the one hand they look for products made from natural materials, safe for health, a trend they do not forget the environmental protection. They are willing to refuse to use wood items without certification of the TFT (Tropical Forest Trust) – a non-profit organizations seeking to resolve international problems of deforestation; or suspected to cause plastic environmental pollution.

Trends in interior resort by the property owners formed and influenced by the situation of economic development – social, technological inventions of the modern world in general and Vietnam in particular. Reversing the trend of manufacturers and service providers and furniture construction only made them more losses only.