Romance castles around the world

Each of the ancient castle, sparkling again lies a story of romance. Romance castles around the world:

1. Boldt Castle

Over thousands of islands on the Saint Lawrence River near Alexandria Bay, New York, USA, Boldt Castle highlights not only architecture but also by huge love bold mark in each castle walls stations. Its owner, George Boldt was taking the building to express their deep love for his wife Louise Valentine holiday in 1905.

The team built the castle of 300 workers, masons, carpenters, artisans decorated in period of 5 years, from 1900 to 1905. Boldt Castle medieval architectural style and Victorian architecture with 6 floors, 120 rooms with tunnel system, power plants, Italian style gardens, a bridge, a children’s play and a “home” for the pigeons, but the building was unfinished Boldt Louis when the wife of George Boldt had lost a year before completing the castle. Since then, George Boldt always stop the completion of it and never returned to the island evokes the pain of loss anymore.

In 1977 the government bought back after 73 years the castle was abandoned and destroyed by the harsh weather with only $ 1 and proceed remodeled. Now, Boldt Castle is a romantic destination for newlyweds and couples during the Valentine’s Day and honeymoon.

2. Swallow Nest

“Castle erotic” Swallow Nest, a symbol of the autonomous Republic of Crimea (Crimean), southern Ukraine, is one of the castle’s most famous romantic waters near Yalta on the Black Sea was built in 1912 the modern Gothic style. Sadly, when people barely feel the love, the beautiful fairy tale castle suffered a tremendous loss. In 1927, a 6-7 magnitude earthquake that rocks the goddess Aurora Dawn castle located where cracking badly broken and forced to shut down 40 years later. Later, when restored, Swallow Nest has become the party for the guests to enjoy “the painted sea trenches” experience with romantic love scene when immersed in the vast space of Ai-Todor cape and Black Sea coast on the night.

3. Casa Loma

To the city of Toronto Canada a beautiful country, visitors can not miss the castle Casa Loma (Spanish is the roof on the hill) in Gothic style by Sir Henry Mill Pellatt brigadier promised to build Mary wife of his beautiful from 1911 to 1914. Because the great love with his wife, Henry did not regret spending money hand $ 5 million giant that time (about 65 million dollars today) along with 300 workers to complete the “home” Canada’s largest private, 3 stories high, including 98 rooms with modern furniture. But, unfortunately, after a mere 10 years living in the castle dream love, Henry had to sell the castle for $ 1.5 million of furniture along with 250 thousand dollars for loss of ability to pay tax by the depreciation due to the First World War caused. Casa Loma is now a vast museum surrounded by a beautiful natural garden – an attractive destination for visiting tourists.

4. Captian’s Castle

Located on the town of Cameron, Oklahoma, USA, may castle Captain’s Castle is not huge in size and not large in area but it is considered proof greatest hidden inside a natural beautiful love history. In fact, JE Reynolds is going neo-chauvinist (meaning all factions cult of extreme spiritual) blindness, therefore, respect for women and their contributions to his very ” rare. ” All opinions have changed since Reynolds was seriously injured when participating in the American civil war (1861 – 1865) and escape death narrowly enthusiasm thanks to the care of two daughters of union officers of Reynolds. He was married to wife Felicity – a descendant prominent Choctaw family. In 1890, he built the castle Reynolds’ Castle, also known as Captain’s Castle to Castle exhibits her love with beloved wife.

5. Taj Mahal

Ignore all the vast acreage, all domes, spiers and white marble horns before the challenges of weather, ignoring a Synchronization architectural style of bold design India, Islamic former teacher and Persia (now the Islamic Republic of Iran) with sophisticated features to the virtuosity of the lines inside the Taj Mahal is building architectural stamp romantic love, but no less spectacular pain in the ancient capital of Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Simply because this place is the tomb where Emperor Shah Jahan (1592 – 1666) built for his wife Mumtaz Mahal his beloved resting after birth Gauhara Princess Begum in 1631. It took 22 full years, the whole works Taj Mahal was completed. It is also the resting place of Emperor Shah Jahan after the ice age.

6. Kellie’s Castle

Kellie’s Castle is the oldest castle in Malaysia is boss Scottish plantation manager William Kellie Smith built for his wife Agnes before they moved to Malaysia in 1903 settlements. In 1915, to celebrate the event his first son was born, and look forward to soothe away nostalgia of Agnes, Kellie decided to extend the castle and gave it the new name is Kellie’s Folly with Synchronization architecture-Roman Greece, Morocco and India.

A flu pandemic from Spain has claimed the lives of 70 construction workers, along with Kellie died of pneumonia, the remaining workers have to Kellie’s Castle unfinished, from there, around the building floor radio is a lot of rumors haunted horror, mystery. Until now, Kellie’s Castle is the most attractive location for Ghost Hunters (demon hunter) interest risk and adventure.