The original super white castle in the heart of Saigon

The temple is famous Taj Mahal in India is an inspiration to the boss Khai Silk white castle built in the middle of Saigon Tamasago for up to 15 million.  Made of white marble, Taj Mahal is not only one of the most famous symbol of India but also be classified into seven new wonders of the world. The temple is located in Agra city, located by the river Tamuna, in the state Utlar Pradesh, northwest India.

Taj Mahal Emperor Shah Jahan was the Mogul empire building offered her his love, who died in childbirth in 1631. 20,000 workers had to work for 20 years to accomplish this great work. In 15 year through, no one is allowed to fly over the Taj Mahal. It was when AirPano, a company based in Moscow, presented the plan on not taking pictures of the Taj Mahal with Indian authorities, another 2 months of waiting, finally the photographer will be allowed access to reviews this structure from above.

Campus with up to 500m perimeter surrounding the Taj Mahal is apparently where the mundane world from the outside. Cars must pass a 1.5-mile, smoke and dust from vehicles can not stain the white marble here. Angle from his magnificent Taj Mahal. The power of Taj Mahal was completed in 1648, but lost a further 5 years, accompanied by new structures are built. Many paths are built around gardens and visitors need to schedule in advance if you want to visit are all here.

Taj Mahal welcome from 2 to 4 million passengers each year. There is even a water supply system built outside the garden. Admission for foreign tourists is 14 USD per person. The Taj Mahal power to 168 m high. Emperor Shah Jahan built the temple to commemorate the late empress Mumtaz died in childbirth. She died at birth Monday princess, is the 14th child in 1631. 20,000 staff working in the past 20 years to accomplish this great work. Outside the Taj Mahal is Tamuna river. A barbed wire fence was erected to prevent the intrusion of outsiders into the temple from the river.

Taj Mahal changed from white to pink during the day when the sun went down and light up the silver in the moonlight. Not a 4 storey building which was constructed in 1.8 mile radius around the temple. Outside the walls of the Taj Mahal is modern life in the city Arga. The Taj Mahal photographers call “love hidden in rock art”.