Track variations of the lampshade

When things expensive price, the cost to decorate the house to add color and warmth is not small. Why do not you try to “recycle” items are available, or “call processing” them into unique decorations alone you have a family?like to introduce to you the idea is simple but quite unique to “transformed the face” for the lampshade in your home. You can be proud that this is the idea … “will not touch the goods.” Paint the stripes

If you like the style a bit, try to imagine his fur zebra Marty in the animated Dreamworks’ Madagascar. You can use a pencil to draw the necessary lines on a sheet of paper, then use adhesive tape inside lampshades. When satisfied with lines that, exterior painting lampshades by pencil lines there. Finally, remove the piece of paper in pencil self lampshades and gazed out any success. These pieces ruffled lace

With this style lampshades, use a thin cloth cut to the shape of the lampshade. Then you cut the cloth into thin long pieces of fabric, but a width of 5-7 cm depending on size of lamp shade, then use the sewing machine or into the strip, lined with pleated lace ruffled up. Finally, glue the pieces like lace along the height of the lamp shade as shown. Do you have a beautiful lampshades and strange there then. legal use pen

The word love is never enough, so, to the “winged words” are glow in the family, use a pencil to write on paper or canvas or quotations or words of love for the family. Then glued inside lampshades to achieve best performance. slanted ribbon weaving. This lampshade style is simple, but when it can take a short amount of time is not. You can use cloth or paper ribbon color, cut into long narrow pieces, then knit them together cross glued back. Colors in the nature of suggestion, you can color according to personal preference, provided always use two contrasting colors together to achieve the most effective. Take fabric flower lights

This is the easiest way if you want to decorate your lampshades. You simply encase fabric lampshades, of course do not forget to choose any fabric and color to the eye. You can also take advantage of the coat is no longer right for them to cut costs. Take advantage of rags. The same type of fabric for lampshades above, you can also use the excess fabric when sewing clothes or “recycled” from old clothes into a bun to link them together to design a lampshade form unique and colorful. The bamboo chopsticks

If you prefer the more elegant style, you try to style lampshades with this child. Merely glued all over the bamboo chopstick lampshades, but easier said than done because this is the stage that you spend the most time and patience. Also, you can also paste the custom bamboo chopstick or denser sparse out to increase or reduce the brightness of the light emitted to suit the needs of practical use. Wallpaper Solution can paste outside fabric lampshades not achieve decorative effects as you would expect because of the limitations when printing patterns on fabric. In this case, please replace it with decorative wallpaper. This is a simple way to adorn a lampshade of your “sparkling” than. Take advantage of old newspapers

If you want a more unique lampshades, please try the following. However, with this style lampshades you will take time and effort. First of all, you get old newspapers cut into equal pieces and then folded into the hollow round tube, about 1 cm in diameter. Then you use this glue the paper tube on each other, with different oblique angles ranging from 45-90 degree arbitrary. The suggestions in this article is simple but offers high performance at low cost. From the above suggestions, you can also variations of the style of other decorative lampshades or suggestions to coordinate the processing of new ideas. Be creative beauty home space.