Unexpectedly beautiful garden with old doors

Many people will be surprised to see the old door appears in the beauty garden filled with new and attractive. The old door was worn long and you want to replace them with new items? Do not leave items such as expired thought that because they can become a garden ornament extremely useful if you have creative ideas and fit. Although crude seems to raw wood, old or refurbished with paint, exterior space is still very own beauty more when the old door is set into place “favorable” one.

1. Utilized as garden doors

Owning a beautiful campus and wide, many people want to “planning” area of the garden and create beautiful walkways. The fence, garden gate was carefully cared to create memorable first sight. The old wooden door is the new white jacket and shirt layer placed between the fence, gate coffee-colored mold bring rustic beauty has just stand for a lush green garden. These vintage blooming flowers still adorn casual outdoor performance for families.

If you want to emphasize the beauty of wood free, the home can keep the original ornamental door, turned the color of time. Entrance to the gardens still attract the look and create a sense of wonder “hundred flowers racing identity” between the old space.

2. The impressive decorative details

Put random door between greenery and fresh flowers also makes a small angle has just strange familiar. An unseen world as the doors opened this natural. The door can be the fulcrum for climbing flowers and here, they become beautiful backdrop for the other details such as decorative fountains … More space and tranquility close due to this extremely creative décor. Although located in a center or a corner garden, the flowers still doors help brighten the space and beautiful.

If there is a lot of time you can spare time collecting old pieces of wood with doors made of unique decorative details and more elaborate. They are really art worthy to corner the owner proud of the fruits of their labor. Or simply a door and window frames are painted white and draw a large flower, rough walls in the garden is full of dust come alive and draw the eye.

3. Old door decoration outdoor relaxing corner

Not too picky in exterior shopping, just a few items are handmade with decorative own simple but oddly, you have owned a small corner of their own. Dark side of the courtyard breathing with vintage chairs and doors metal processing skill. Long wall also added the old clock to create a dramatic angle to the employer. With ingenuity, old doors can become a useful part of the table or the lovely porch swing where. Manually create relaxing place for families and give you more inspiration and more engaged with their home.

4. Lush garden

One other effect of the old door is to become the face price of vegetables planting small. You can cut the holes in the wooden door fabric used immediately or container land in the small wooden door split cells. Add the land fixed at the back door, the door to tilt or vertical construction on the fence, you still have a green corner of the eye.

5. Corner store pretty small appliances

If there is a small garden, you’ll be interested to be cared for them regularly and you also need a place to store garden tools for compact and more convenient to use. The old door and some wooden handmade instruments is contained angle ideal for you and your family. Just a very small area and some basic assembly operations, you have expressed stylish and work your plan.