Water in house design to bringing money in business

A new perspective on water in feng shui. The existence of the scene but not visible to the naked eye. How to attract and develop the wealth of the country. From ancient civilizations known to develop along the major rivers to facilitate the daily life and the life and development of their business.

According to Chau Tran Luong is a feng shui expert: The layout of living space are now paying much attention to the spatial layout. With the hotels, restaurants, the water allocation would also be very important to attract customers and wealth. Water is attracted to elements of life. Recently, according to a research station of the Discovery Channel announced a clip on water droplets falling at a new angle and you can see the movement of nature and the glass.

The allocation of water for each work often choose will be compatible southwest feng shui. If your home or building then South West Water can put in front would also be very good feng shui. According to feng shui water also symbolizes money, property, so when placed in front of the house as well as customers in the transaction will bring money into the company, the house.

The Master Tran Van Binh, lecturer in Faculty of Furniture HCMC University of Architecture, said: In architectural design, the water will become more harmonious and aesthetic house. In this current planning, the identification of land with the water element will be very important also coordinates the position and conditions favorable for living space.

With these different countries, the space will make easy luck different benefit homeowners. In the overall work, the water must be carefully arranged to allow water to maximize its positive impact and go while minimizing the disadvantages of topography.