Resort in house

These products are mass copying makes people feel indigestion. The particular design, unique and personal stamp are slowly ascended the throne … Since the total solar eclipse event (late 1995), Mui Ne (Phan Thiet) is noted as a land of gold with the explosion of the resort. Drag the rush that is looking for and application of modern invention in combination with the traditional architectural achievements Vietnam in resort design. Along the way, a new trend in housing construction – interior resort was born. This trend is actually the world many years ago, with the following characteristics:

The different experience

Function merely shelter of a house is no longer city property owners to worry. Satisfaction level of material comfort in the house fell down, replaced by demand for the different experience, also known as experience spiritual value, highly refined, sophisticated look tone, such as relaxing in the luxurious resort.

Experience that begins with the clear water, green trees inviting um, cool space filled with wind and sun flowers; furniture is made from natural materials with the rustic appearance of traditional and trendy ; a chill-out music seeping across the room; a clean fresh food additives are not harmful; that every corner has the privacy of living high as hobbies are organized enough to laughter Group convergence of the family always resonate.

Besides the natural tendency to enter the home, homeowners also apply the essence of traditional feng shui interior to balance the positive energy in your home and bring luck, happiness and prosperity. In addition, saturated with so many objects, akin to another house, plus an interest in spiritual experience, is now the owner has engaged in the construction or renovation of your home, They even do the furniture (maybe you already know the concept of “Do it yourself” came from IKEA furniture). Together with architects, homeowners involved in the construction process, improving their own living space, contributing to create a relaxing interior is becoming more personality.

Personal sexism

These products are mass copying makes people feel indigestion. The particular design, unique and personal stamp are slowly ascended the throne. This trend was influenced by the type of boutique hotel launched in the 1980s. One of the first boutique hotel in the world has opened to the public in 1981 the Blakes hotel in South Kensington, London (designed by Anouska Hempel famous stylist). Then there is also a very successful launch of the Morgans Hotel in Murray Hill, New York City in 1984 by French designer Andree Putnam designed. We can say, it was time the items are mass-produced plastic to say goodbye from their homes, if they are in no representative character of the user.

Simple, elegant and practical

Through access to information from the internet giants, we become more sophisticated in determining the real value of the item or service. Rather than accept any price to buy the luxury furniture to show off with the same level, now, the real value of the products are highly valued in the selection criteria. This led to new trends: focus on quality rather than quantity and the glamor. In fact, it is also consistent with the concept of “sustainable food must wear” of the Vietnamese people from the past.

On the other hand, life sometimes rapidly changing, and to love the new psychology, people leaning towards simple things to balance the soul. Furniture now also become simpler, more elegant. For example, the saving wall cabinet area has reduced distraction, help people pay more attention to the constantly changing interesting nature of the landscape outside.

Bring high community

As civilized people, have the knowledge, the modern homeowner can not not care about environmental issues. On the one hand they look for products made from natural materials, safe for health, a trend they do not forget the environmental protection. They are willing to refuse to use wood items without certification of the TFT (Tropical Forest Trust) – a non-profit organizations seeking to resolve international problems of deforestation; or suspected to cause plastic environmental pollution.

Trends in interior resort by the property owners formed and influenced by the situation of economic development – social, technological inventions of the modern world in general and Vietnam in particular. Reversing the trend of manufacturers and service providers and furniture construction only made them more losses only.

The original super white castle in the heart of Saigon

The temple is famous Taj Mahal in India is an inspiration to the boss Khai Silk white castle built in the middle of Saigon Tamasago for up to 15 million.  Made of white marble, Taj Mahal is not only one of the most famous symbol of India but also be classified into seven new wonders of the world. The temple is located in Agra city, located by the river Tamuna, in the state Utlar Pradesh, northwest India.

Taj Mahal Emperor Shah Jahan was the Mogul empire building offered her his love, who died in childbirth in 1631. 20,000 workers had to work for 20 years to accomplish this great work. In 15 year through, no one is allowed to fly over the Taj Mahal. It was when AirPano, a company based in Moscow, presented the plan on not taking pictures of the Taj Mahal with Indian authorities, another 2 months of waiting, finally the photographer will be allowed access to reviews this structure from above.

Campus with up to 500m perimeter surrounding the Taj Mahal is apparently where the mundane world from the outside. Cars must pass a 1.5-mile, smoke and dust from vehicles can not stain the white marble here. Angle from his magnificent Taj Mahal. The power of Taj Mahal was completed in 1648, but lost a further 5 years, accompanied by new structures are built. Many paths are built around gardens and visitors need to schedule in advance if you want to visit are all here.

Taj Mahal welcome from 2 to 4 million passengers each year. There is even a water supply system built outside the garden. Admission for foreign tourists is 14 USD per person. The Taj Mahal power to 168 m high. Emperor Shah Jahan built the temple to commemorate the late empress Mumtaz died in childbirth. She died at birth Monday princess, is the 14th child in 1631. 20,000 staff working in the past 20 years to accomplish this great work. Outside the Taj Mahal is Tamuna river. A barbed wire fence was erected to prevent the intrusion of outsiders into the temple from the river.

Taj Mahal changed from white to pink during the day when the sun went down and light up the silver in the moonlight. Not a 4 storey building which was constructed in 1.8 mile radius around the temple. Outside the walls of the Taj Mahal is modern life in the city Arga. The Taj Mahal photographers call “love hidden in rock art”.

Decorate the nursery with feng shui

According to feng shui school, the nursery should pay special attention to the individual functions for maximum support comprehensive development of children.  The child’s room is both a place of rest, just as learning spaces, play, arrange for the child when you should pay attention to many factors, including feng shui is an indispensable part.

Choose a good location
The child’s room should be located in the east or west, or southeast house, to be able to welcome the morning sun soon, helping them develop a good and stable. Do not place the children’s room at the center position, not only affect the fate of the house but not good for children.
When painting the walls of her room to use colorful, cheerful will contribute to enhancing the flexibility and spirit of optimism, love of life. For girls, the color tends romantic, natural light pink, cream, yellow … For boys, choose the color represents the masculine, strong and independent like the color green. The fairy paintings or cartoon characters will help promote imagination and creativity of children. You can also hang the picture painted by children themselves, children will enjoy and feel more confident.
The feng shui room layout in the nursery, furniture needs to tidy up, tidy, space for children to play, run and jump.
Best bed head east or southeast. Choose the north or northwest is also good for children’s sleep at night. In the nursery, in addition to statistical Bed desks, bookcases, wardrobes and cabinets decorated with teddy bears, picture frames and boxes of toys for children.Furniture in the nursery should have round-shaped or curved trim angle, there should be no sharp edges likely to cause injury to children.
Do not place mirrors in the nursery, because according to feng shui, the mirror is reflecting material weapon, and create a sense of likely to cause psychological instability; mirrors reflect light easily disturb the air … On the other hand, children often are very active, while playing, throwing the ball can cause collisions of objects, if the mirror break sharp pieces will be very dangerous.
Natural light is good for children’s health so you should choose the location to design to fit the window, the newly created open atmosphere, the fresh medium without sun glare, rain crosses. You can use light colored wall lights instead of cabinet lights or lamps are placed on the floor, to create a warm space, bright. Arrange the child’s interest and in accordance to feng shui, you’ll give me an ideal space for overall development.

Feng shui for wedding rooms: should and should not

Feng shui wedding room this time a lot of attention. By simple feng shui of a room will bring comfort to the young couple in their new life.

What to do

The color scheme of the interior decorations are not just aesthetic reach, offering features romantic, gentle, charming but also to ensure proper feng shui. Judging by this criterion, the pink is priority number one for couples. By pink symbolizes sweetness, tender. Some people prefer to use red looks good on warm and sensual but feng shui colors is recommended that this should not be used to decorate the wedding because red capital warm tones easily lead to psychological insecurity. Long will cause neurasthenia generated discord, quarrel.

Along with the standard color set is the first layout must also be consistent around the space, compatible with the color of the walls of the frame. Wedding room location is best placed in a location with enough light, the light is too dark to make your child feel uncomfortable, disturbing. The atmosphere of the wedding room be ventilated, to avoid the paint smell, the smell of furniture, new wall air smells stuffy. A bed fit the best design. “The mysterious death,” wrote, spring bed head east, south summer, fall headboard west, north winter bedside.

And the things to avoid

Do not choose a room “transparent” to the wedding room. According to feng shui modern rooms that have too much wedding glass wall during the prone female infidelity. As for those who are eager to get married things are not going prone or emotionally. Do not do wedding door close to the opposite poles, as this is newly married to or in conflict. If the new room more use stickers to decorate, you should avoid these kinds of patterns can disrupt the sharp eye for shapes will make nursing scholarship sleep is not deep, dreamless ease.

The wedding room, the bed should not place amplifiers to avoid controversy about the couple. The bed should not directly with the television, avoid neurasthenia. bed position to avoid the White Tiger, not the husband and wife is prone to disharmony.Two side of the bed toward the door WC can not otherwise be made to health disorders.

Not be in bed by the window to the ground, the sun is too intense, insecure wife. The two sides are not close to the bed door, causing anxiety, headaches ceiling does not get sores or ceiling decorated with fantastic, easy form trigrams, natural place is the retina, causing disease. Do not use the furniture or decorating the room with bold color is gray. Be aware of pale or neutral colors to make the room brighter, feeling, relaxed, gentle, warm. Overall layout of the wedding hall must be uniform in color, harmony of style, the beauty of unity, just as lively defense married, have created a warm space for newly married couples .

OcEo – Phu Nam – a value of architecture longevity

To visit the exhibition, the public have the opportunity to enjoy more than 100 exhibitions of precious ancient Oc Eo culture – an ancient culture is formed and developed on the local level in the early 10 century AD , to this day about 2000 years in the South Plains area. The name of this culture by the French archaeologist Louis Mallerret place after the archaeological excavations in 1944 in the first relic of Oc Eo social Token Ring, Voice Son district, An Giang province.

Artifacts on display include ceramic materials, metals, stone, wood and a few copper.In most of the excavated relics were found ceramic artifacts appear. The artifacts are ceramic housewares including comments, jars, pots, lids, bowls, cups, bottles … and the stove, familiar objects, essential wetland inhabitants. Building materials and decorative plaques earthen architecture is found to be mainly the relics in the ruins of temples architecture Oc Eo culture. The precious metal like gold, marble, onyx, quartz, glass …. been processed into the ring, rings, earrings, necklaces, beads, jewelry making using a variety of colors, sizes, different designs.

Notably, the gold foil embossed face, carved decorative molding and ancient Sanskrit.There is also the seal rings engraved on people, animals and other gold coins, silver, pewter …Artifacts of stone, wood and a few bronze statues of Buddhist and Hindu worship.These objects are found in many relics and scattered across the South. Flourishing period of Hindu sculpture and Buddhism from the fifth century to the seventh century.Style sculpture reflects both influences derived from Indian art, just to show trends in localization. Traditional arts are also maintained and developed in later stages, from the eighth century onwards, but many researchers tentatively called the post Eo.

Through this exhibition, the National History Museum wants visitors home and abroad to visualize the basic characteristics of Oc Eo culture in the context of early 10th century AD, more about the history of Vietnam , that the labor force, level of processing of the ancients, from which more honor and good sense than in the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage value of the nation.

Gallery “Eo – Phu Nam” was organized on the basis of performance improvement projects, upgrading galleries Cultural Eo – Phu Nam has been the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, the departments, functions approved and implemented from 2010.Over the course of renovation repair, refurbishment, architecture: walls, ceilings, floors, areas with the support continuous display in the museum, the electrical system, equipped with new lighting, display cabinet system platform to reach international standards …

With over 200m2 in floor area of buildings on display two of the National History Museum at 1, Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, galleries “Eo – Phu Nam” is a beautiful gallery, formal modern, and ensure consistency in the overall standing display system of the National History Museum. And many precious antiques and other unique present are on display here, exhibiting “Eo – Phu Nam” contribute to better meet the needs visit and find out, research on the historical process of Vietnam numerous tourists in the country and internationally. /.

Determine the apartments

The determination of direction for a home in general and in particular apartment is a to-do and have great significance in Feng Shui. Many people believe that direction is the direction of the apartment windows and doors to the balcony where the sunny, wind from space direct external exposure.

Through practice and experience, this calculation is incorrect. These notions were mistaken when considered on the elements of wind and sun on the air constitutes a “chi” in feng shui. Indeed not. “Qi” is formed by the movement and human interaction with the house. A simple assumptions also indicate this. If we seal all windows, doors, the use may still be living, though very inconvenient, difficult.

But if we shut the front door of the apartment is certainly not operating. Therefore, the direction of the apartment must be calculated by the direction of the apartment doors. Feng shui is the old question “Opening up inclined subjects” is talking about this idea. Besides determining the azimuth, the determination of the measurement direction of the apartment with a compass is something other than the actual theory, sometimes using a compass to measure direction for the condominium for these results can not be used!

Condominium with features so many textures often reinforced core with higher magnetic villas or land distribution platform many times, so easy to falsify compass needle to the determination of the direction not correct. Experience is not only measured in many different locations, both inside and outside the apartment building and that such tools are satellite maps and tools that can skip to the corpse of a key input parameters correct.

Feng Shui apartments , condominiums determine the direction , looking towards apartment. Feng shui skylight area, Feng Shui for your home and life, No. 9 in the corner? Clearing house to welcome air from the balcony, 10 types of home should not buy from the point of feng shui. Feng shui principles to each corner and Feng shui for the kitchen. Planting trees in the garden feng shui appropriate also with Select tank shape to receive fortune adn belong with ceiling Feng Shui.

Refurbished home decor just one day

Try decorating solutions only done in one day introduced in the following categories to create new images for the interior space. The solution does not take much time to not require much effort. Why not try?

1. The simple art paintings

If you want to create impressive point for the living room but not much cost and time, you can use a favorite fabric samples to create art for the wall angle. Just cut the fabric into many different sizes, wrapped and pinned them on the wooden frame. Make sure your knife may be the spectacular display of NHE fabric patterns!

2. “Awaken” a boring wall

Awaken a new paint walls with bright colors. A fun color, life-like lemon yellow, applied on the center wall will create impressive special for a small space. This color is especially effective in the room north of the capital constraints of natural light. Brown color wood floors or furniture land with neutral colors will help harmonize and balance your whole room.

3. Make shelves “puzzle”

Create a simple three-tiered shelves like puzzle games of young children. Use several wooden chairs stacked in a single rule, and the color harmony of the chair. With the gaps and “abundance”, you can fill with a few accessories to coast as a small vase or pot plants … So you already have an impressive bookshelves, has storage capacity, has highly decorative.

4. Change the appearance of familiar walls

Select a central wall or walls that you want to “stress” to change the image. Then choose the wallpaper ensure the connection with the wall color in the room. These solutions help you change the appearance of space quickly, easily, do not cost much but is not afraid to cause the overload of images.

5. Create hidden storage

Utilizing bed space by adding the portable storage device. You can “reuse” the old desk drawer by the new paint them or leave the wood veneer to create the nostalgic look, then attach the wheel to help them move easily as you gain hon.Vay storage space for out of season clothes or little used items.

6. Bring new life to the common room

“Wearing” living space to your home’s new color “good eye” over. Spray paint on a chair with color highlights. Change the pillows based simple pattern with colorful pillows, vivid images enrich the room.

External housing revealed good or bad

Exterior house is one of the major factors affecting transport to financial and career of the owner. Therefore, the need to carefully consider these factors when buying houses.

  1. Four raised the house as well. Abundant with good things, a thriving, talented children.
  2. The front house has a high mound, behind a mountain and hill country east of that line, the west is the great sugar sand. As their descendants forever, enjoy fortune luck.
  3. The East High, low west, north there are many great mountains of sand. Money’s like mountains, around fun, harmony.
  4. Short-West, East Long, the owner good luck, abundant wealth, children and grandchildren thrive.
  5. The south has mounds, north hills, with water flowing west to the south, lower terrain to the east, stretching over a mile as well.
  6. The two eastern and western rivers flowing through there as well. Homeowners are always lucky, blessed posterity forever.
  7. In the southwest with lakes, hills Northeast as well. The homeowner wealth, children and grandchildren enjoy the sun fortune.
  8. To the southwest is a high mound, of sand. As in long, as descendants of glory, eternal prosperity.
  9. To the north of the grave mounds of sand heron. At this place, the gentleman to enjoy the fortune, the popular, the family ran smoothly.
  10. To the northwest is hilly, good. Increasingly prosperous family. Descendants successful as radiant ancestry.
  11. The South and the North with the high mountains to the east and west have sandy beaches, lakes, owner wealth, longevity.
  12. In the northeast there is a sand hill. Wealth is abundant, prosperous descendants.
  13. The North houses hill, near the southern lakes, the terrain gradually to the northwest as well. Descendants honor radiant ancestry.
  14. North, Northwest, Northeast has high hills, with mountains southwest, south sloping as well. Home up here, very many children. Descendants talented glory.
  15. North West has more than ten thousand miles of mountains, the Southeast has the same message the same message mountains, terrain southwest, northeast, the rich flat.
  16. To the north is mountainous, the east is the blue water, the west, where roads are good. Descendants magnify.

Come into my house because it’s so beautiful

In the afternoon light coming off of a summer day, white castle Tamasago (*) in front of me as the story of the thousand and one nights. Inspired by the Taj Mahal Indian temple, Hoang Khai, Khai Group founder silk seemed to bring a mysterious air, magnificent ancient and Saigon was about to, but more modern, closer.

Castle with 19 rooms, each room is completely different design, the entire interior with only two main colors white and black, dotted red light a little from the pattern on the scarf of Indian girls degree, or a lovely little silver tableware entirely from Versace. Chamber president with an area of ​​260m2 is a gorgeous space and overwhelmed. They all look out at the river. An ultramarine blue pool is reached the castle, sneezing up the white flowers are decorated with floral motif embossed style reliefs. The dome ceiling and the walls are decorated with complex geometry, modeled on Mughal architecture and ancient style of writing is beautiful and shiny Indian … The garden extends to the river only a single plant species dracaena plant color. Only the mirror hanging in the doorway according to feng shui, the parrot with hospitable greetings and smiles a little girl reminded about Vietnamese culture.

Why after so many restaurants, hotels, resort … Khaisilk impressions, he decided to build yourself a White Castle?

In Western countries, culture castle was longstanding, which works to give people the unique architectural heritage and magnificent. But Vietnam seems you do not have the habit of building castles. Architecture to the people in Vietnam are just a villa, to more than a little palace, palaces, palace Building Tamasagon government … I want people to enjoy more the air of a cultural heritage India’s best right here in Saigon. Inside the castle, with only one line of music, it is piano, reminiscent of the old castle in 18th century Europe. I think that only a piano, a sophisticated new instrument portrayed all the cold, high into castles of unique architecture. Castle also uses its own scent made by yourself, white tea scent and noble elegance.

Taj Mahal temple must have been caused in him a very strong emotion, so he can build a dream Tamasago white?

Taj Mahal is one of the world-famous architecture in India, a touching symbol of love and beautiful. This is the garden tomb of the emperor Shah Jahan built to commemorate his deceased wife. Is always looking for new beauty essence of humanity, and never want to repeat myself, I was really overwhelmed by the spiritual beauty, and very magnificent feats of Tamaha, a marvel of creativity, of human labor. The unique, new, outstanding architecture make it unforgettable. Choose an ideal piece of land along the river, the bridge Anh Sao, Phu My Hung, along with two foreign architects, a Japanese, a German, I have described all of his wishes for a long stations. More than 1,000 workers in two years, looming Tamasago as a white twin towers. From the castle can panoramic Phu My Hung. In particular, I spent a lot of side area to make the castle became with magnificent fountains, lakes surrounding landscape to support this architecture, such as the mirror of the whole seems splendor of the castle. Tamaha emotions are expressed consistently from flowers, chairs, lamps … to the exquisite sophisticated as possible, at least in color, but the maximum of emotion. The table, on a white shades, I like a little black dotted, … can be risky, but it causes very strong feeling. Each seat colors are different designs, none like what. But all merged together again, reducing the pressure of black and white.

It feels like the Tamasago, he unleash new people in his paintings?

I am very concerned about color and form in architecture and interior design. I want all her guests enjoy the full pleasure of sumptuous elegance peaked, as the porcelain tableware with black and white Versace, Hermes beam lamps are not less than $ 20,000 / females, with a service style peaked. Above all, I understand if you do not make a difference in service, will not be able to conquer the guests.

With Tamasago, what he wants?

I want to turn this place into a palace is open to all visitors, from the rich to the most ordinary people, young students from the poor to her vendors, including teachers, teacher through this … when can visit. Enjoy a glass of wine, drink a glass of fragrant juice, a cup of coffee with prices in other restaurants, you can share with me the beauty of the castle. I’ve built a lot of restaurants, hotels and resorts, but this is the first I can be proud. The castle is made not for me alone, but for everyone to enjoy.

With Au Manoir on Dien Bien Phu, his famous “restaurant closed”, with prices well … heaven! Why is this now a castle is open?

It really is a threshold of my new life. I have passed five or six top of the hill, can “open” heart. Tamasago is the fragrance of the royal, pure. Inscriptions fragrance will radiate, and it must be to emit a scent in the heart of most ordinary people. I want all of them can enjoy the scent that …

The meaning of life with what he is?

Create beautiful product, unique, perfect society. A nice meal, a beautiful fashion, a beautiful house it makes your life more new, more poetic. Come into my house because of it … so beautiful! The beauty brought a intangible value, and sometimes are priceless.

Busy occupied with work from morning to night, how do I find peace?

I just really peaceful in creating a perfect product. I share with each of his employees, to create peace. These are not innovative at the time the most insecure. In times of economic crisis, why did you decide to invest such large Tamasago? Do you expect will Tamasago sustainable over time? That was a decision “verry Khaisilk”, always doing something different, think about what can not reach. His intellect is just to bring new beauty to life. Time will tell who he is. Time is also evidence for Revelation, Revelation help overcome the ongoing challenges of life.

Apartment-style country

As a gentle breeze, rustic country style always attractive not only in exotic interior. Over how many times it still has a place can not be replaced. Apartments are located below the open, do not use the door separating the spaces. The unique layout that has created a flat Spacious and flooded with natural breathing. The interior is simple and rustic but natural blend with almost perfect charm has made ​​it hard to resist. room spacious, wide open.

Glass door systems provide abundant light to feel spacious living room, spacious. This door system also facilitates living areas fully inherited the beautiful from the window frame outside. The aftertaste brings a bamboo country to help create privacy, privacy when needed, while also reducing glare of light in sunny days fiercely.

Furniture and accessories uniformly warm brown color, from pressed bamboo wood floor to sofa, from decorative pillows to the animal side, bare canvas … The shift in color from light beige to deep brown to avoid the impression boring. All make good on the living room friendly, close. Living room provides a feeling of relaxation, euphoria for the employer as being harmony with nature.
Dining simple, friendly dining room connected with living room and adjoining kitchen. Interior simple enough for small families. Dining area with wooden table style basically inevitable monotony without the participation of the chair soft stylized design.

Floor mats reunion space marked in the open space. While ceiling lights also draw attention to the table to create conditions for closer atmosphere. flexible kitchen storage. Cozy kitchen with pretty much the appearance of rustic furniture. Storage space primarily in the lovely kitchen cabinets. The appearance of the kitchen island has also increased the storage area and used for the home. Provided under confidential cabinet space for appliances in military. Decorate the kitchen is the art ceramic disk with bold colors countryside. Lovely bedrooms, emotional. Bedrooms fully open layout with dining room and office. Lovely rest area again repeat the conversion of brown tones create a versatile look. At the same time the combination further motifs and geometric patterns emerged to help bed and emotions more vivid.
Table lamps and small bookshelf conveniently adjacent to the demand for leisure, entertainment by the employer.

Cool baths, relaxation, Bathroom with the transition of colors, from warm golden brown color of the main function room, turn green cool. White ceramic tiles applied on a large wall surface area helps to cheat, and as background for the expression of green paint to bring relaxation to look visually. The combination of green pair – white creates a cool space but no less subtle and sharp. Sink sink, wall mirror pairs with reflective lights installed above the ceiling and walls to open a series of small windows in the adjacent ceiling … are the smart choice for small bathrooms.