50 million dollar Penthouse in beachfront of Miami

All five penthouses in The Mansions luxury apartment has an indoor pool. Also, this place is equipped with mini theater, marine biology camp for children and fantasy golf. Called The Mansions apartment located in the city of Sunny Isles Beach, North Miami, Florida (USA). With an area of 1,400 m2, 65-storey apartment building with 79 apartments, including five penthouse (attic apartment). Starting price of the normal apartment penthouse is $ 5.7 million and $ 50 million the most expensive.

The apartment amenities included in the transfer map for 24/7, last week the restaurant, bar or swimming pool next to the bench to enjoy the wine. Also, this place is also equipped with a 25-seat cinema, with popcorn and candy vending machines, and a fantasy golf can help people to play in anywhere in the world. The complex has two public swimming pools and six nomad tent camping. In addition, the five penthouses here are equipped with an indoor pool. The Mansions has two amusement parks and a marine camp for children. As adults they can get to the gym or register for Yoga classes here.

Overview The Mansions. Support staff outside the building. Merchants Chamber of apartments with full facilities. Customers can choose from apartment style to traditional, classical or modern. Dressing table for both women and about eyebrow whiskers. Wardrobe glitter dream. Where beauty embellished by women. Spacious bathroom in the apartment. Was here use the onyx and marble. He can admire the panoramic view from this corner of Miami Beach.

10 hotels made from odd materials

Materials such as sewage pipes, container, chocolate, salt … are utilized to create full hotel amenities and unique.

On the card

The hotel is located in New York, American artist Bryan Berg has been built out of 200,000 on the card. It includes a living room, a bathroom and lobby. Each room, walls, furniture and even toilets are made from plastic card. Berg is the former record by building a house of plastic cards in 1992. At that time he was 17.


Tonghe Shanzi design company in China has completed 5-star hotel Xiang Xiang Xiang Pray House made of container cargo. On the surface, this hotel looks like a dump goods on the hill Changski but inside the rooms are cozy and luxurious. Each room is designed in traditional Chinese style with expensive furniture. Besides, due to container, the hotel can easily move to another place. Xiang Xiang Pray House will be opening in August.


The famous designer Karl Lagerfeld is the creator of this hotel with the material made entirely from chocolate. The aim is to celebrate the opening of its Magnum ice cream Ecuador and Ghana. Karl used 10.5 tons of chocolate imported from Belgium to create everything in the room, from furniture, bedding, light sleep … Most of the features of the room is a statue of supermodel Baptise Giabiconi bed.

Clay, reed, wood

Orel is located in the river, the city Dnepropertrovsk, Ukraine 28 km, hotel located in a forest Friend lush and airy. Before construction, the company Ryntovt analysis of raw materials and energy in the region. Finally, they decided to build a hotel from materials such as environmentally friendly wood, clay, reed.


Hotel companies T3arc Tubo is designed to take advantage of the sewers. Each room has double bed and layout overlooking the Sierra del Tepozteco region, Mexico. The advantage of the hotel made from a sewer is constructed quickly and provide a reasonable rest.

Train carriages

Unique hotel utilized 4 train carriages and provide full facilities such as bedrooms, dining room. Besides, the things in the room also, utilize and recycle, such as a desk from the sign signal, or beds made from old ships. The hotel is located in a farm in Hoogwoud, The Netherlands.


This is the only hotel made of sand and the largest, located in Weymouth beach, Dorset, England. Each room with single bed or double bed with views of open space overlooking the sea. Customers must spend 21 USD to stay overnight at this hotel.


Made from the basic salt, Palacio de Sal hotel located on the world’s largest salt lake Salar de Uyuni, the capital of La Paz, Bolivia 350 km. Wall of the hotel are made from the dry salt basis – a mixture of salt and water solid as cement. During the rainy season, reinforced walls add new salt platform. Customers are required to leave here not lick the walls, because it may cause damaged the hotel.

Mobile homes

This hotel is a group of friends in Berlin, Germany created. They refurbished an old factory in Neukolln, upgrade the warehouse then built a hotel from the mobile home. Hutten called Palast, the hotel offers fully equipped rooms and cafes, gardens, restaurants …

Wine barrels

Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren in the Netherlands make use 4 barrels of wine from Switzerland and convert them into guest rooms. Each containing up to 14,500 liters of wine, each cask is a room for 2 people with full amenities. Even in the room has bathroom and living room.

Romance castles around the world

Each of the ancient castle, sparkling again lies a story of romance. Romance castles around the world:

1. Boldt Castle

Over thousands of islands on the Saint Lawrence River near Alexandria Bay, New York, USA, Boldt Castle highlights not only architecture but also by huge love bold mark in each castle walls stations. Its owner, George Boldt was taking the building to express their deep love for his wife Louise Valentine holiday in 1905.

The team built the castle of 300 workers, masons, carpenters, artisans decorated in period of 5 years, from 1900 to 1905. Boldt Castle medieval architectural style and Victorian architecture with 6 floors, 120 rooms with tunnel system, power plants, Italian style gardens, a bridge, a children’s play and a “home” for the pigeons, but the building was unfinished Boldt Louis when the wife of George Boldt had lost a year before completing the castle. Since then, George Boldt always stop the completion of it and never returned to the island evokes the pain of loss anymore.

In 1977 the government bought back after 73 years the castle was abandoned and destroyed by the harsh weather with only $ 1 and proceed remodeled. Now, Boldt Castle is a romantic destination for newlyweds and couples during the Valentine’s Day and honeymoon.

2. Swallow Nest

“Castle erotic” Swallow Nest, a symbol of the autonomous Republic of Crimea (Crimean), southern Ukraine, is one of the castle’s most famous romantic waters near Yalta on the Black Sea was built in 1912 the modern Gothic style. Sadly, when people barely feel the love, the beautiful fairy tale castle suffered a tremendous loss. In 1927, a 6-7 magnitude earthquake that rocks the goddess Aurora Dawn castle located where cracking badly broken and forced to shut down 40 years later. Later, when restored, Swallow Nest has become the party for the guests to enjoy “the painted sea trenches” experience with romantic love scene when immersed in the vast space of Ai-Todor cape and Black Sea coast on the night.

3. Casa Loma

To the city of Toronto Canada a beautiful country, visitors can not miss the castle Casa Loma (Spanish is the roof on the hill) in Gothic style by Sir Henry Mill Pellatt brigadier promised to build Mary wife of his beautiful from 1911 to 1914. Because the great love with his wife, Henry did not regret spending money hand $ 5 million giant that time (about 65 million dollars today) along with 300 workers to complete the “home” Canada’s largest private, 3 stories high, including 98 rooms with modern furniture. But, unfortunately, after a mere 10 years living in the castle dream love, Henry had to sell the castle for $ 1.5 million of furniture along with 250 thousand dollars for loss of ability to pay tax by the depreciation due to the First World War caused. Casa Loma is now a vast museum surrounded by a beautiful natural garden – an attractive destination for visiting tourists.

4. Captian’s Castle

Located on the town of Cameron, Oklahoma, USA, may castle Captain’s Castle is not huge in size and not large in area but it is considered proof greatest hidden inside a natural beautiful love history. In fact, JE Reynolds is going neo-chauvinist (meaning all factions cult of extreme spiritual) blindness, therefore, respect for women and their contributions to his very ” rare. ” All opinions have changed since Reynolds was seriously injured when participating in the American civil war (1861 – 1865) and escape death narrowly enthusiasm thanks to the care of two daughters of union officers of Reynolds. He was married to wife Felicity – a descendant prominent Choctaw family. In 1890, he built the castle Reynolds’ Castle, also known as Captain’s Castle to Castle exhibits her love with beloved wife.

5. Taj Mahal

Ignore all the vast acreage, all domes, spiers and white marble horns before the challenges of weather, ignoring a Synchronization architectural style of bold design India, Islamic former teacher and Persia (now the Islamic Republic of Iran) with sophisticated features to the virtuosity of the lines inside the Taj Mahal is building architectural stamp romantic love, but no less spectacular pain in the ancient capital of Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Simply because this place is the tomb where Emperor Shah Jahan (1592 – 1666) built for his wife Mumtaz Mahal his beloved resting after birth Gauhara Princess Begum in 1631. It took 22 full years, the whole works Taj Mahal was completed. It is also the resting place of Emperor Shah Jahan after the ice age.

6. Kellie’s Castle

Kellie’s Castle is the oldest castle in Malaysia is boss Scottish plantation manager William Kellie Smith built for his wife Agnes before they moved to Malaysia in 1903 settlements. In 1915, to celebrate the event his first son was born, and look forward to soothe away nostalgia of Agnes, Kellie decided to extend the castle and gave it the new name is Kellie’s Folly with Synchronization architecture-Roman Greece, Morocco and India.

A flu pandemic from Spain has claimed the lives of 70 construction workers, along with Kellie died of pneumonia, the remaining workers have to Kellie’s Castle unfinished, from there, around the building floor radio is a lot of rumors haunted horror, mystery. Until now, Kellie’s Castle is the most attractive location for Ghost Hunters (demon hunter) interest risk and adventure.

Resort in house

These products are mass copying makes people feel indigestion. The particular design, unique and personal stamp are slowly ascended the throne … Since the total solar eclipse event (late 1995), Mui Ne (Phan Thiet) is noted as a land of gold with the explosion of the resort. Drag the rush that is looking for and application of modern invention in combination with the traditional architectural achievements Vietnam in resort design. Along the way, a new trend in housing construction – interior resort was born. This trend is actually the world many years ago, with the following characteristics:

The different experience

Function merely shelter of a house is no longer city property owners to worry. Satisfaction level of material comfort in the house fell down, replaced by demand for the different experience, also known as experience spiritual value, highly refined, sophisticated look tone, such as relaxing in the luxurious resort.

Experience that begins with the clear water, green trees inviting um, cool space filled with wind and sun flowers; furniture is made from natural materials with the rustic appearance of traditional and trendy ; a chill-out music seeping across the room; a clean fresh food additives are not harmful; that every corner has the privacy of living high as hobbies are organized enough to laughter Group convergence of the family always resonate.

Besides the natural tendency to enter the home, homeowners also apply the essence of traditional feng shui interior to balance the positive energy in your home and bring luck, happiness and prosperity. In addition, saturated with so many objects, akin to another house, plus an interest in spiritual experience, is now the owner has engaged in the construction or renovation of your home, They even do the furniture (maybe you already know the concept of “Do it yourself” came from IKEA furniture). Together with architects, homeowners involved in the construction process, improving their own living space, contributing to create a relaxing interior is becoming more personality.

Personal sexism

These products are mass copying makes people feel indigestion. The particular design, unique and personal stamp are slowly ascended the throne. This trend was influenced by the type of boutique hotel launched in the 1980s. One of the first boutique hotel in the world has opened to the public in 1981 the Blakes hotel in South Kensington, London (designed by Anouska Hempel famous stylist). Then there is also a very successful launch of the Morgans Hotel in Murray Hill, New York City in 1984 by French designer Andree Putnam designed. We can say, it was time the items are mass-produced plastic to say goodbye from their homes, if they are in no representative character of the user.

Simple, elegant and practical

Through access to information from the internet giants, we become more sophisticated in determining the real value of the item or service. Rather than accept any price to buy the luxury furniture to show off with the same level, now, the real value of the products are highly valued in the selection criteria. This led to new trends: focus on quality rather than quantity and the glamor. In fact, it is also consistent with the concept of “sustainable food must wear” of the Vietnamese people from the past.

On the other hand, life sometimes rapidly changing, and to love the new psychology, people leaning towards simple things to balance the soul. Furniture now also become simpler, more elegant. For example, the saving wall cabinet area has reduced distraction, help people pay more attention to the constantly changing interesting nature of the landscape outside.

Bring high community

As civilized people, have the knowledge, the modern homeowner can not not care about environmental issues. On the one hand they look for products made from natural materials, safe for health, a trend they do not forget the environmental protection. They are willing to refuse to use wood items without certification of the TFT (Tropical Forest Trust) – a non-profit organizations seeking to resolve international problems of deforestation; or suspected to cause plastic environmental pollution.

Trends in interior resort by the property owners formed and influenced by the situation of economic development – social, technological inventions of the modern world in general and Vietnam in particular. Reversing the trend of manufacturers and service providers and furniture construction only made them more losses only.

The original super white castle in the heart of Saigon

The temple is famous Taj Mahal in India is an inspiration to the boss Khai Silk white castle built in the middle of Saigon Tamasago for up to 15 million.  Made of white marble, Taj Mahal is not only one of the most famous symbol of India but also be classified into seven new wonders of the world. The temple is located in Agra city, located by the river Tamuna, in the state Utlar Pradesh, northwest India.

Taj Mahal Emperor Shah Jahan was the Mogul empire building offered her his love, who died in childbirth in 1631. 20,000 workers had to work for 20 years to accomplish this great work. In 15 year through, no one is allowed to fly over the Taj Mahal. It was when AirPano, a company based in Moscow, presented the plan on not taking pictures of the Taj Mahal with Indian authorities, another 2 months of waiting, finally the photographer will be allowed access to reviews this structure from above.

Campus with up to 500m perimeter surrounding the Taj Mahal is apparently where the mundane world from the outside. Cars must pass a 1.5-mile, smoke and dust from vehicles can not stain the white marble here. Angle from his magnificent Taj Mahal. The power of Taj Mahal was completed in 1648, but lost a further 5 years, accompanied by new structures are built. Many paths are built around gardens and visitors need to schedule in advance if you want to visit are all here.

Taj Mahal welcome from 2 to 4 million passengers each year. There is even a water supply system built outside the garden. Admission for foreign tourists is 14 USD per person. The Taj Mahal power to 168 m high. Emperor Shah Jahan built the temple to commemorate the late empress Mumtaz died in childbirth. She died at birth Monday princess, is the 14th child in 1631. 20,000 staff working in the past 20 years to accomplish this great work. Outside the Taj Mahal is Tamuna river. A barbed wire fence was erected to prevent the intrusion of outsiders into the temple from the river.

Taj Mahal changed from white to pink during the day when the sun went down and light up the silver in the moonlight. Not a 4 storey building which was constructed in 1.8 mile radius around the temple. Outside the walls of the Taj Mahal is modern life in the city Arga. The Taj Mahal photographers call “love hidden in rock art”.

External housing revealed good or bad

Exterior house is one of the major factors affecting transport to financial and career of the owner. Therefore, the need to carefully consider these factors when buying houses.

  1. Four raised the house as well. Abundant with good things, a thriving, talented children.
  2. The front house has a high mound, behind a mountain and hill country east of that line, the west is the great sugar sand. As their descendants forever, enjoy fortune luck.
  3. The East High, low west, north there are many great mountains of sand. Money’s like mountains, around fun, harmony.
  4. Short-West, East Long, the owner good luck, abundant wealth, children and grandchildren thrive.
  5. The south has mounds, north hills, with water flowing west to the south, lower terrain to the east, stretching over a mile as well.
  6. The two eastern and western rivers flowing through there as well. Homeowners are always lucky, blessed posterity forever.
  7. In the southwest with lakes, hills Northeast as well. The homeowner wealth, children and grandchildren enjoy the sun fortune.
  8. To the southwest is a high mound, of sand. As in long, as descendants of glory, eternal prosperity.
  9. To the north of the grave mounds of sand heron. At this place, the gentleman to enjoy the fortune, the popular, the family ran smoothly.
  10. To the northwest is hilly, good. Increasingly prosperous family. Descendants successful as radiant ancestry.
  11. The South and the North with the high mountains to the east and west have sandy beaches, lakes, owner wealth, longevity.
  12. In the northeast there is a sand hill. Wealth is abundant, prosperous descendants.
  13. The North houses hill, near the southern lakes, the terrain gradually to the northwest as well. Descendants honor radiant ancestry.
  14. North, Northwest, Northeast has high hills, with mountains southwest, south sloping as well. Home up here, very many children. Descendants talented glory.
  15. North West has more than ten thousand miles of mountains, the Southeast has the same message the same message mountains, terrain southwest, northeast, the rich flat.
  16. To the north is mountainous, the east is the blue water, the west, where roads are good. Descendants magnify.

Come into my house because it’s so beautiful

In the afternoon light coming off of a summer day, white castle Tamasago (*) in front of me as the story of the thousand and one nights. Inspired by the Taj Mahal Indian temple, Hoang Khai, Khai Group founder silk seemed to bring a mysterious air, magnificent ancient and Saigon was about to, but more modern, closer.

Castle with 19 rooms, each room is completely different design, the entire interior with only two main colors white and black, dotted red light a little from the pattern on the scarf of Indian girls degree, or a lovely little silver tableware entirely from Versace. Chamber president with an area of ​​260m2 is a gorgeous space and overwhelmed. They all look out at the river. An ultramarine blue pool is reached the castle, sneezing up the white flowers are decorated with floral motif embossed style reliefs. The dome ceiling and the walls are decorated with complex geometry, modeled on Mughal architecture and ancient style of writing is beautiful and shiny Indian … The garden extends to the river only a single plant species dracaena plant color. Only the mirror hanging in the doorway according to feng shui, the parrot with hospitable greetings and smiles a little girl reminded about Vietnamese culture.

Why after so many restaurants, hotels, resort … Khaisilk impressions, he decided to build yourself a White Castle?

In Western countries, culture castle was longstanding, which works to give people the unique architectural heritage and magnificent. But Vietnam seems you do not have the habit of building castles. Architecture to the people in Vietnam are just a villa, to more than a little palace, palaces, palace Building Tamasagon government … I want people to enjoy more the air of a cultural heritage India’s best right here in Saigon. Inside the castle, with only one line of music, it is piano, reminiscent of the old castle in 18th century Europe. I think that only a piano, a sophisticated new instrument portrayed all the cold, high into castles of unique architecture. Castle also uses its own scent made by yourself, white tea scent and noble elegance.

Taj Mahal temple must have been caused in him a very strong emotion, so he can build a dream Tamasago white?

Taj Mahal is one of the world-famous architecture in India, a touching symbol of love and beautiful. This is the garden tomb of the emperor Shah Jahan built to commemorate his deceased wife. Is always looking for new beauty essence of humanity, and never want to repeat myself, I was really overwhelmed by the spiritual beauty, and very magnificent feats of Tamaha, a marvel of creativity, of human labor. The unique, new, outstanding architecture make it unforgettable. Choose an ideal piece of land along the river, the bridge Anh Sao, Phu My Hung, along with two foreign architects, a Japanese, a German, I have described all of his wishes for a long stations. More than 1,000 workers in two years, looming Tamasago as a white twin towers. From the castle can panoramic Phu My Hung. In particular, I spent a lot of side area to make the castle became with magnificent fountains, lakes surrounding landscape to support this architecture, such as the mirror of the whole seems splendor of the castle. Tamaha emotions are expressed consistently from flowers, chairs, lamps … to the exquisite sophisticated as possible, at least in color, but the maximum of emotion. The table, on a white shades, I like a little black dotted, … can be risky, but it causes very strong feeling. Each seat colors are different designs, none like what. But all merged together again, reducing the pressure of black and white.

It feels like the Tamasago, he unleash new people in his paintings?

I am very concerned about color and form in architecture and interior design. I want all her guests enjoy the full pleasure of sumptuous elegance peaked, as the porcelain tableware with black and white Versace, Hermes beam lamps are not less than $ 20,000 / females, with a service style peaked. Above all, I understand if you do not make a difference in service, will not be able to conquer the guests.

With Tamasago, what he wants?

I want to turn this place into a palace is open to all visitors, from the rich to the most ordinary people, young students from the poor to her vendors, including teachers, teacher through this … when can visit. Enjoy a glass of wine, drink a glass of fragrant juice, a cup of coffee with prices in other restaurants, you can share with me the beauty of the castle. I’ve built a lot of restaurants, hotels and resorts, but this is the first I can be proud. The castle is made not for me alone, but for everyone to enjoy.

With Au Manoir on Dien Bien Phu, his famous “restaurant closed”, with prices well … heaven! Why is this now a castle is open?

It really is a threshold of my new life. I have passed five or six top of the hill, can “open” heart. Tamasago is the fragrance of the royal, pure. Inscriptions fragrance will radiate, and it must be to emit a scent in the heart of most ordinary people. I want all of them can enjoy the scent that …

The meaning of life with what he is?

Create beautiful product, unique, perfect society. A nice meal, a beautiful fashion, a beautiful house it makes your life more new, more poetic. Come into my house because of it … so beautiful! The beauty brought a intangible value, and sometimes are priceless.

Busy occupied with work from morning to night, how do I find peace?

I just really peaceful in creating a perfect product. I share with each of his employees, to create peace. These are not innovative at the time the most insecure. In times of economic crisis, why did you decide to invest such large Tamasago? Do you expect will Tamasago sustainable over time? That was a decision “verry Khaisilk”, always doing something different, think about what can not reach. His intellect is just to bring new beauty to life. Time will tell who he is. Time is also evidence for Revelation, Revelation help overcome the ongoing challenges of life.

The bear flood with impressive architecture

The house is built on Hoopers Island in the state of Maryland, USA. This work has received many design awards prestigious. The house viewed from the pier. The house is located in a beautiful natural landscape, with lush green pine forests, meadows and a lake blue water is clear. All this has to add more, the charm for the home.

This work has received many design awards prestigious. We have a pretty good idea about what sets humanity aside from the animals. We built the Pyramids, assholes. Then, to overcome the consequences, the planning department to establish a Dorchester County ordinance declared that all new residential construction must be above the flood level specified. First discovered by someone messing around on Google Earth, it’s the largest piece of animal-built infrastructure on the planet. The roof of the slightly sloping design. Originally constructed to keep out enemies — like China’s Great Wall — it’s now a tourist attraction for humans astonished about how such a huge thing was built by such inferior creatures.

In 2003, a storm from Isabel destroyed many houses on the island. Then, to overcome the consequences, the planning department to establish a Dorchester County ordinance declared that all new residential construction must be above the flood level specified. Based on research house survived the storm, the house on Hoopers Island is focused on concrete pedestals and use than ever sure. Seemingly with the ordinance, the house will become joskin and unsightly. But innovation in the design of David Jameson has brought an impressive image of a modern house, sure, especially aesthetic one can not be processed.

In 2003, a storm from Isabel destroyed many houses on the island. The rooms of the house was designed spacious, comfortable and aesthetic. The roof of the slightly sloping design. in addition, arrange more architects pool, sunbathing area is the space for relaxing and ideal getaway for everyone in the family. The house sparkling electric light thanks.

Heyri art village in Korea

Korea on sunny stretches of green color on the forest path leading bus went to the village one of a kind in Korea, where all the artists here are living a dream: Heyri Art Village . Only an hour drive from Seoul, where the valley atmosphere was completely different. No house was in Heyri like any architecture.

At Heyri, you can leisurely stroll and see unique house, monster monster, abnormal, showing unlimited creativity. In a country where the people live in houses of concrete apartment blocks the same type, same color, same model, to enjoy life in the house like this is probably just a dream. Here, the majority of houses are used for the purpose of art and business

Indeed, nearly 500 artists working in the arts such as writers, painters, actors, architects and musicians have together to build a cultural village called Heyri. The house next dormant reeds corner, under a canopy of maple or brilliant yellow flowers on a field has a single common point is not the same as any work in any area. The chief architect of the village proud for that green in Heyri dense connected nervous system of humans

With the owner in Heyri structures, whether residential or exhibition, museum, bookstore or coffee shop, can proud to say that they are living in the house unique. Formed from part of the project “Development of unified land” of the Korea Land Corporation, Heyri newly formed Art Village youth is a village book (Heyri located in Paju city, renowned as the cradle of the industry published in Korea). Very quickly after that, the idea of a village for artists this world has been warmly supported.

Today, Heyri is known as a cultural arts village. Heyri name given to the village, a song derived from traditional farming in the city of Paju, Gyeonggi-do is called “The Sound of Heyri”. Heyri village is still far in the process of building new homes continues to rise. “Heyri” comes from the word “Hey hey”, reminds the listener a sense of fun and excitement, often farmers sing while doing the same. Kim Jun-sung, one of the chief architects of the project Heyri village, said the village was created as a space filled with creativity, and inspiration for artists, and is minimized at have negative impacts on the surrounding environment.

These structures were built in Heyri though not by any rules and make the most creative, still must comply with the rules is not only higher than three storeys. Surely this is the most desirable villages in the world for anyone who is active in the field of art. The architecture is one of a kind show ceaseless creativity of the artists selected Heyri is home and work. Especially when they are living in an environment filled with trees. Green network connection Heyri dense valley in the tourist stops in small parks or places of rest and relaxation.

The marshes are ecologically preserved in the heart of the valley. And flowers will always be present everywhere as a way to honor the natural beauty and wildlife. in Heyri Enjoy what? This small village has more than 30 different large and small museums in areas such as international folk musical instruments, the traditional food, toy museum, butterflies, stamps, posters, movies … Heyri is the only village in Korea, where you can see the lane is now a writer, or artist, famous actors. Those allowed to live and build houses here must go through a review by the village management

In addition, six other galleries is also present in Heyri. In the future, about 30 other galleries will also be built, where visitors can enjoy works of art, crafts and ceramics. Music also is never lacking in Heyri. There are so many small concert halls as well as the studio for chamber music performances. At any time when walking around the small trail of the village, you can also listen some classical music emits a gracefully from pretty small communities on the road. The small studio certainly can not appear here. Chocolate-colored house at the same time this is a coffee shop and studio of the same name. The village even has a museum of international folk drama. In the future, will have 10 halls were built, hosts seminars on philosophy, history, literature and art.

Along with that, about 50 houses, 100 shops and art map neck, 30 other major bookstore will also present here. Heyri activities like? Heyri Art Village is open 24 hours a day. However, the museum and the exhibition is open from 10 to 19 hours a day, and many places may be closed on Monday. Even a coffee shop is also a gallery or exhibition, the museum. Note that hours of operation may vary slightly at each museum. The museum is associated with cafes and restaurants are open later than the time frame above. Visitors do not pay any fees as they reach the Heyri, unless they want to tour the galleries or warranty Museum. The map provided at village information kiosk at the door at No. 1, fee is 500 won for a map.

Beautiful house overlooking the mountains

The house is located in the coastal city of Nha Trang, located in the city but not near the sea but return to see the mountain. So the perspective from inside the house is designed wide open toward the mountains to exploit this advantage. Rooms on the terrace is the place to chat, listen to music and enjoy the mountain landscape as far as a picture framed by the frame beams. When you step out of the room must be wide open landscape with clouds and mountains.

The door frame as the frame . Angle the mountains surrounding the city . Inside the house of harmony and space are connected to each other because there is no sense of restraint. Creating a glimpse inside corner is a point to highlight from the living room can look through the kitchen, kitchen with corner overlooking the spacious back yard. From on high chair overlooking the lake, bathroom overlooking the space behind the house. Rooms on the terrace is the place to chat, listen to music and enjoy the mountain landscape as far as a picture framed by the frame beams.  Take the stairs up and down always look around this skylight to sunlight moving over time.

A lush green corner looking down from above . Furniture care little house was carefully designed as the coordination of modern furniture with patterned soft dotted. The light is arranged between the light coordinate overall and decorative lighting in each area and make a shimmering colors for each space. Simple living room to the open space. Inside the house of harmony and space are connected to each other because there is no sense of restraint. From the living room open space connecting the other in a natural way. Kitchen simple little pattern of soft femininity. The house is located in the coastal city of Nha Trang, located in the city but not near the sea but return to see the mountain. It’s a beautiful house overlooking the mountains.