Unexpectedly beautiful garden with old doors

Many people will be surprised to see the old door appears in the beauty garden filled with new and attractive. The old door was worn long and you want to replace them with new items? Do not leave items such as expired thought that because they can become a garden ornament extremely useful if you have creative ideas and fit. Although crude seems to raw wood, old or refurbished with paint, exterior space is still very own beauty more when the old door is set into place “favorable” one.

1. Utilized as garden doors

Owning a beautiful campus and wide, many people want to “planning” area of the garden and create beautiful walkways. The fence, garden gate was carefully cared to create memorable first sight. The old wooden door is the new white jacket and shirt layer placed between the fence, gate coffee-colored mold bring rustic beauty has just stand for a lush green garden. These vintage blooming flowers still adorn casual outdoor performance for families.

If you want to emphasize the beauty of wood free, the home can keep the original ornamental door, turned the color of time. Entrance to the gardens still attract the look and create a sense of wonder “hundred flowers racing identity” between the old space.

2. The impressive decorative details

Put random door between greenery and fresh flowers also makes a small angle has just strange familiar. An unseen world as the doors opened this natural. The door can be the fulcrum for climbing flowers and here, they become beautiful backdrop for the other details such as decorative fountains … More space and tranquility close due to this extremely creative décor. Although located in a center or a corner garden, the flowers still doors help brighten the space and beautiful.

If there is a lot of time you can spare time collecting old pieces of wood with doors made of unique decorative details and more elaborate. They are really art worthy to corner the owner proud of the fruits of their labor. Or simply a door and window frames are painted white and draw a large flower, rough walls in the garden is full of dust come alive and draw the eye.

3. Old door decoration outdoor relaxing corner

Not too picky in exterior shopping, just a few items are handmade with decorative own simple but oddly, you have owned a small corner of their own. Dark side of the courtyard breathing with vintage chairs and doors metal processing skill. Long wall also added the old clock to create a dramatic angle to the employer. With ingenuity, old doors can become a useful part of the table or the lovely porch swing where. Manually create relaxing place for families and give you more inspiration and more engaged with their home.

4. Lush garden

One other effect of the old door is to become the face price of vegetables planting small. You can cut the holes in the wooden door fabric used immediately or container land in the small wooden door split cells. Add the land fixed at the back door, the door to tilt or vertical construction on the fence, you still have a green corner of the eye.

5. Corner store pretty small appliances

If there is a small garden, you’ll be interested to be cared for them regularly and you also need a place to store garden tools for compact and more convenient to use. The old door and some wooden handmade instruments is contained angle ideal for you and your family. Just a very small area and some basic assembly operations, you have expressed stylish and work your plan.

Kick the leak proof out of wet season

There are a thousand and one reasons for making your house leak when it rains and to remedy this situation is not well known. We suggest several solutions to help you prevent and fix this problem effectively.

Temporary solutions

Our ancestors used to say “prevention is better than cure”, so the wall surface exposed to the user should use extreme climatic shielding measures such as tree climbing membrane incorporating fountains, making the wall face not a sudden shrinkage due to temperature change. For flat roof area, must be reasonably calculated to divide the spark gap slope is not too long, many grooves and holes arranged collection of water. Limit the obstacles that block the roof drainage direction as decorative columns, flower beds …

When you see the stain of the structures beneath the gutters, splash box, terrace … to bowl mortar for waterproofing additives on. When the heart is too shallow gutters, water tends to overflow upstream on the roof, to cut a few holes just below the overflow to a dangerous position. Be the first paint the item or purlins to avoid rust …

Waterproof wall

The solution is considered the simplest and most widely used at present is to use waterproof paint. Waterproof paint suit a variety of surfaces ranging from waterproofing additives mixed into the cement mixer when pouring concrete, to the floor repelling coating to plastic roof, floor protection before birth brick, painted cementitious waterproofing cost savings for the walls is not necessary to the aesthetic, biological waterproof paint, decorative paint, glue or silicon to the limit processing the door openings, holes … In particular, waterproofing paint just one wall waterproofing solutions simple, just create aesthetic features of the building.

Ceiling leak proof

For the condominium if the leak from the ceiling is due to the restroom area, drain the upstairs apartment in a leak. In this case must be handled immediately by beating up the brick layer impermeable areas, coating with a layer of fiberglass and waterproof glue, eventually filling a layer of cement and bricks back together. For regular houses, the roofs leak, can apply some measures such as Sealing cracks in gutters, stain, stucco terrace with a mixture of cement, sand and anti- infiltration with at least 1 cm in thickness, and check the water does not drain out directly at the top, side walls or joints between roof, walls and windows. The cause of the leak proof roof gutters are also due to our land, when it needs replacing our gutters are deeper or more turbid water hole position overflow.

Old walls are cracked, waterproof

Over time, the outer protective coating of the walls were peeling, mold or moss wall cracks, long days of rain and moisture in small cracks in the wall permeable to affect the structure and evaluation beauty of the house. The fix is to simply scrape peeling paint or flour dust, then use detergents and chemicals to kill molds that clean tight areas. Use mortar to fill the holes and large cracks, resurfaces with special powder for outdoor wall, then use waterproof paint for disposal. To achieve best performance to ensure that the substrate should be clean, dry wall and humidity below 16%. After surface preparation is coated with alkaline resistant paint, wait for the paint to dry and water-repellent layer on 1-2.

Absorb leaking window frames, window wall outside

Can apply some of the following methods:

Insert block: Apply it when the wall around the window frames, window openings are not sealed insert. When handling, first removing loose mortar or compact around the window frame and masonry, in this bituminous fiber insertion slot, then insert firmly cement grout, plaster slot carefully.

Use a waterproof coating: For leak proof window frames, window panels of the outer wall decoration material paste. When the processor can scan waterproof coating polymer in the joints of the block interior doors, window wall outside, preventing infiltration of rainwater into the slot from the slot between windows.

Organic silicon processing: Use for slot windows and large openings, inserts have cracked grout. First clean the grout in the cracks of doors, windows, sealed plane by adding more cement waterproofing powder, surface treated with a sweep of inert material such as organic silicon.

Absorb leaking the decorative brick nuggets

Present outside wall decoration tiles, ceramic tiles, decorative surface material cracks or flaking appeared shut, rainwater seeped into the block wall from the room, causing leak proof.

In this case, the first change, fix decorative tiles pasted shut from peeling or damaged, if any cracks or voids, cement grout or material inserted to repair. Then clean the dirt as short lime, mortar, abscesses … on the wall. Mix paint “universal” with the ratio of 1:10 ~ 15, using direct injection or pump brush, brush on two consecutive dry wall, to wall suction no solution, avoid pumping errors. Focal spraying of decorative ceramic tiles are the gaps between tiles, which can first brush past a vertical slot turns on, then spray a coat of paint as prescribed above.

Method neutralize murderous housing

Many kinds of murderous generated accidentally or intentionally in life and affect not good to you. Here is how to limit, neutralize less murderous in each case.

1. False negative monitoring – air from the evil Hades

If you are facing the unfortunate places such as cemeteries or funeral homes will be called a murderous evil sound monitoring; houses near a slaughterhouse also kind, easy-getters sound evil, that the owner or disease, uncertainties in trouble, even relationships with people around also deteriorated.

To neutralize this watch as, to put a pair of dragons towards where murderous, and put a pair of unicorns or a retired couple in spleen under murderous direction. If the situation is relatively serious, can put a sword, coins, but be careful not located in the Five Devils. Sword is associated with coins have murderous effects neutralize strong.

2. She carved look – her murderous soul

Houses opposite the places where unfortunately not, by contrast, faces solemn places like temples, churches are not very good. That’s because these places have many adherents regularly cross, incense smoke room untouched, as is the focus of the dead souls, around the four sides are easy monitoring of air from her (her murderous soul), leading to the fate of family members are going down, hard to get people supporting you. To neutralize this murderous, can put a pair of dragons direction out of the window, or may be mounted motion picture lotus lamp, and incense regularly to resolve.

3. Exclusive audio monitoring

The house opposite the public or toxic landfill will close sound. If in a group home, close the gas affect apartment from 6th or lower, so the object is outside this range need not worry. Normally, the closer the more murderous assault, adverse effects to health and financial interests of the people inside. To neutralize, lake lots can put together a string of white jade imperial coins or bank resources handbook. White emerald jade empire is money, said to be six coins of six most prosperous emperor Qing dynasty that is: Favourable Treatment, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, Gia Khanh and Quang Dao. According to feng shui, the currency of the era of strong and flourishing with the air, it will neutralize the murderous good.

4. Trigrams close

Ta gas formed by a neighbor put feng shui items such as mirrors, bagua, flexible interesting to town for their families. These items, feng shui mascot has strong murderous, the murderous assault is used to tame the mind outside of their home so it will create adverse effects for the opposite. Dissolved by placing the feng shui turtle shells and a string of platinum emerald base money to achieve less murderous, this is the method used needs to win diamond, feng shui items used to limit the negative effects of other feng shui items .

Water in house design to bringing money in business

A new perspective on water in feng shui. The existence of the scene but not visible to the naked eye. How to attract and develop the wealth of the country. From ancient civilizations known to develop along the major rivers to facilitate the daily life and the life and development of their business.

According to Chau Tran Luong is a feng shui expert: The layout of living space are now paying much attention to the spatial layout. With the hotels, restaurants, the water allocation would also be very important to attract customers and wealth. Water is attracted to elements of life. Recently, according to a research station of the Discovery Channel announced a clip on water droplets falling at a new angle and you can see the movement of nature and the glass.

The allocation of water for each work often choose will be compatible southwest feng shui. If your home or building then South West Water can put in front would also be very good feng shui. According to feng shui water also symbolizes money, property, so when placed in front of the house as well as customers in the transaction will bring money into the company, the house.

The Master Tran Van Binh, lecturer in Faculty of Furniture HCMC University of Architecture, said: In architectural design, the water will become more harmonious and aesthetic house. In this current planning, the identification of land with the water element will be very important also coordinates the position and conditions favorable for living space.

With these different countries, the space will make easy luck different benefit homeowners. In the overall work, the water must be carefully arranged to allow water to maximize its positive impact and go while minimizing the disadvantages of topography.

Feng shui for wedding rooms: should and should not

Feng shui wedding room this time a lot of attention. By simple feng shui of a room will bring comfort to the young couple in their new life.

What to do

The color scheme of the interior decorations are not just aesthetic reach, offering features romantic, gentle, charming but also to ensure proper feng shui. Judging by this criterion, the pink is priority number one for couples. By pink symbolizes sweetness, tender. Some people prefer to use red looks good on warm and sensual but feng shui colors is recommended that this should not be used to decorate the wedding because red capital warm tones easily lead to psychological insecurity. Long will cause neurasthenia generated discord, quarrel.

Along with the standard color set is the first layout must also be consistent around the space, compatible with the color of the walls of the frame. Wedding room location is best placed in a location with enough light, the light is too dark to make your child feel uncomfortable, disturbing. The atmosphere of the wedding room be ventilated, to avoid the paint smell, the smell of furniture, new wall air smells stuffy. A bed fit the best design. “The mysterious death,” wrote, spring bed head east, south summer, fall headboard west, north winter bedside.

And the things to avoid

Do not choose a room “transparent” to the wedding room. According to feng shui modern rooms that have too much wedding glass wall during the prone female infidelity. As for those who are eager to get married things are not going prone or emotionally. Do not do wedding door close to the opposite poles, as this is newly married to or in conflict. If the new room more use stickers to decorate, you should avoid these kinds of patterns can disrupt the sharp eye for shapes will make nursing scholarship sleep is not deep, dreamless ease.

The wedding room, the bed should not place amplifiers to avoid controversy about the couple. The bed should not directly with the television, avoid neurasthenia. bed position to avoid the White Tiger, not the husband and wife is prone to disharmony.Two side of the bed toward the door WC can not otherwise be made to health disorders.

Not be in bed by the window to the ground, the sun is too intense, insecure wife. The two sides are not close to the bed door, causing anxiety, headaches ceiling does not get sores or ceiling decorated with fantastic, easy form trigrams, natural place is the retina, causing disease. Do not use the furniture or decorating the room with bold color is gray. Be aware of pale or neutral colors to make the room brighter, feeling, relaxed, gentle, warm. Overall layout of the wedding hall must be uniform in color, harmony of style, the beauty of unity, just as lively defense married, have created a warm space for newly married couples .

Determine the apartments

The determination of direction for a home in general and in particular apartment is a to-do and have great significance in Feng Shui. Many people believe that direction is the direction of the apartment windows and doors to the balcony where the sunny, wind from space direct external exposure.

Through practice and experience, this calculation is incorrect. These notions were mistaken when considered on the elements of wind and sun on the air constitutes a “chi” in feng shui. Indeed not. “Qi” is formed by the movement and human interaction with the house. A simple assumptions also indicate this. If we seal all windows, doors, the use may still be living, though very inconvenient, difficult.

But if we shut the front door of the apartment is certainly not operating. Therefore, the direction of the apartment must be calculated by the direction of the apartment doors. Feng shui is the old question “Opening up inclined subjects” is talking about this idea. Besides determining the azimuth, the determination of the measurement direction of the apartment with a compass is something other than the actual theory, sometimes using a compass to measure direction for the condominium for these results can not be used!

Condominium with features so many textures often reinforced core with higher magnetic villas or land distribution platform many times, so easy to falsify compass needle to the determination of the direction not correct. Experience is not only measured in many different locations, both inside and outside the apartment building and that such tools are satellite maps and tools that can skip to the corpse of a key input parameters correct.

Feng Shui apartments , condominiums determine the direction , looking towards apartment. Feng shui skylight area, Feng Shui for your home and life, No. 9 in the corner? Clearing house to welcome air from the balcony, 10 types of home should not buy from the point of feng shui. Feng shui principles to each corner and Feng shui for the kitchen. Planting trees in the garden feng shui appropriate also with Select tank shape to receive fortune adn belong with ceiling Feng Shui.

Apartment-style country

As a gentle breeze, rustic country style always attractive not only in exotic interior. Over how many times it still has a place can not be replaced. Apartments are located below the open, do not use the door separating the spaces. The unique layout that has created a flat Spacious and flooded with natural breathing. The interior is simple and rustic but natural blend with almost perfect charm has made ​​it hard to resist. room spacious, wide open.

Glass door systems provide abundant light to feel spacious living room, spacious. This door system also facilitates living areas fully inherited the beautiful from the window frame outside. The aftertaste brings a bamboo country to help create privacy, privacy when needed, while also reducing glare of light in sunny days fiercely.

Furniture and accessories uniformly warm brown color, from pressed bamboo wood floor to sofa, from decorative pillows to the animal side, bare canvas … The shift in color from light beige to deep brown to avoid the impression boring. All make good on the living room friendly, close. Living room provides a feeling of relaxation, euphoria for the employer as being harmony with nature.
Dining simple, friendly dining room connected with living room and adjoining kitchen. Interior simple enough for small families. Dining area with wooden table style basically inevitable monotony without the participation of the chair soft stylized design.

Floor mats reunion space marked in the open space. While ceiling lights also draw attention to the table to create conditions for closer atmosphere. flexible kitchen storage. Cozy kitchen with pretty much the appearance of rustic furniture. Storage space primarily in the lovely kitchen cabinets. The appearance of the kitchen island has also increased the storage area and used for the home. Provided under confidential cabinet space for appliances in military. Decorate the kitchen is the art ceramic disk with bold colors countryside. Lovely bedrooms, emotional. Bedrooms fully open layout with dining room and office. Lovely rest area again repeat the conversion of brown tones create a versatile look. At the same time the combination further motifs and geometric patterns emerged to help bed and emotions more vivid.
Table lamps and small bookshelf conveniently adjacent to the demand for leisure, entertainment by the employer.

Cool baths, relaxation, Bathroom with the transition of colors, from warm golden brown color of the main function room, turn green cool. White ceramic tiles applied on a large wall surface area helps to cheat, and as background for the expression of green paint to bring relaxation to look visually. The combination of green pair – white creates a cool space but no less subtle and sharp. Sink sink, wall mirror pairs with reflective lights installed above the ceiling and walls to open a series of small windows in the adjacent ceiling … are the smart choice for small bathrooms.

Design consultancy house lot area of ​​4x6m

I have divided the land area of 4x6m plots 4m frontage. Want to build a house 4 floors, a tum-style modern, youthful. Requirements:  1st floor includes living room + kitchen + 1wc.  Floor includes 1 bedroom + 2.3 1wc.  Floor 4 +1 bedroom including a small church room.  Thanks to digital consulting help. 

In the question you did not specify a home in the lane or the road so we do not know whether your house has been racing at the 2nd floor or not. In this consultation we offer Level 2 to about 1.2 m above the room area is large.

1st floor : 15m2 living room layout combined dining room, the room small kitchen set. Level 2 and 3 : Put a large 19m2 bedroom and a small toilet next to the stairs. Each 2.7 m height of the ladder so about 15 spots corresponding to a step height is 180mm. Level 4: Arrange a small bedroom and a church office and a toilet. Tum Floor: Layout area and washing laundry. Outside is a terrace is drying.

Architectural Perspective, Arch. Nguyen Quoc Tuan, JSC CONSTRUCTION & TRADING Vietnamese Tectonics

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Want to build a house 4 floors, a tum-style modern, youthful. Requirements:  1st floor includes living room + kitchen + 1wc. In the question you did not specify a home in the lane or the road so we do not know whether your house has been racing at the 2nd floor or not. In this consultation we offer Level 2 to about 1.2 m above the room area is large. Bedrooms, church office, room area, Kitchen Terrace.

10 types of home should not buy

According to feng shui concepts, some type of home that can cause adverse health, the work of people in, so before buying you should consider.

1. Do not buy the house but not far from the buildings that have (because it would block the ocean air, then the negative-positive reflection wins, while if it is in the back is another matter). Do not purchase the building was definitely

2. Do not buy a house near the shrines, where the urns, cemeteries, temples, tombs (negative air too prevalent).

3. Do not buy a house shaped gate (口). According to feng shui concepts, in the shape of this as the “person in the well”, being unable to play you.

4. Do not buy the house with the letter “T” because according to feng shui experts, museum-style home can not be launched from air, all vulnerable to poverty.

5. Do not buy a house there in front of the narrow space, such as a bar line. Many feng shui experts believe that “the line” This wealth does not stop at the house.

6. For business people, trade, do not buy a house with cramped living room because this room type is not converge talent. Small families, do not buy a house too large.

7. If families have less people should not buy a house too big. Researchers said that feng shui, home to few people called people shall hear, also known as “spoiled”, not good at long.

8. Do not buy the shortcomings southwest corner, northwest corner. Type this in not good for people. On the map, the northwest Nine offer is REQUIRED, representing the sub-sample, in terms of feng shui, the alternate static angle behavior is not good.

9. If families with children do not buy a house with a toilet in the east direction. The concept of feng shui that the interior layout so will affect the physical health – mental and the future of our children. Families with small children should not buy a house with a toilet in the east direction

10. Do not buy a house with a toilet, kitchen in the northwestern corner. Type all of this is said to be hung, easy to meet people in the story is not good.

Design consultant tube 5 floors 4x12m area

Question: I have a land area of 4x12m, the front is the left side lane is 3 m and 1.5 m alley.Visit the North East. Thanks to digital consultancy to help me build a house with 5 floors of modern space, wide open.

Answer: With the land area as well as the open air superiority has two very popular now but to get nice airy space, utilities are things to note. To ensure these factors and in accordance with the requirements of his family use, we give form to his home following reference:

Level 1: 1st floor spacious layout for parking machines. We allocate enough space for the family to automobiles in the future. The remaining area architect designed kitchen space to cook and eat, and may prescribe a set of tables and chairs for guests to play the next. Career Exposure kitchen window open for more room space as space becomes more open cooking. Natural light is removed from the well scale, and plant more trees help green living space closer to nature.

Level 2: Level 2 is the main space for the reception. Stairs from 1st floor in contact with the upper floor is home to receive light from outside to inside. The remaining area is digital layout with parents’ bedroom layout, sort of harmony handy and light.

Level 3: Level 3 is arranged with 2 bedrooms and learning center for 2 children 1 son 1 daughter of the family. Two spaces are always filled with children’s natural light, provide ventilation and comfort for your baby. Besides, his son’s bedroom light was taken from the user system, his daughter’s bedroom light was taken from the user side system. Because the area should limit the 3rd floor bathroom shared use.

Level 4: 4th floor of the house was the architect arranged a room that church, and a rest room for visitors wishing to relax at home.

Floor 5: The top floor is arranged for the laundry area, drying reporters. We have arranged a set of tables and chairs on the terrace, here will be combined with the bonsai to create a quiet space to relax end of the day for the home. It is also heat-resistant layer to the entire house.

With an area of public utility property and the height so the proportion of homes will look reasonable, impressive exterior differences compared to other houses. Below is a perspective exterior works. Hopefully your family will soon be selected design plans and obtain the desired house.