Glamorous bedroom with dressing table

A beautiful dressing table not only makes interest owners “lipstick chalk point” but also contributing to the allure for the bedroom. Dressing table is considered an indispensable items in the bedroom of the ladies, ladies. But it is important to know the women also choose designs, colors, materials, dressing table to suit your living space.

Choose style

Currently, the market, dressing table there are many designs and styles from classic to modern, from the period, style to simple, sophisticated …  But before buying, you should determine size of the bedroom and dressing table placement to choose accordingly. Dressing table large, sophisticated designs will be suitable for a large bedroom. Modest bedroom area should choose a simple style dressing table, attached to the cabinet table, shelf or desk drawers have more storage map will contribute to the space neat and tidy over. You can also choose to buy a dressing table with chairs can collapse in under a table to save space.

Choose the appropriate mirror

dressing table mirror is usually accompanied. For small dressing table, you should select the mirror to make sense of the circle wide. As large dressing table, a storage compartment, then use a rectangular mirror. However, do not necessarily have to choose a dressing table mirror fixed. Currently, manufacturers marketed some type of dressing table with mirror design rotate, mirror and useful than just showing sophistication. Dressing table with rotating mirror is good.

Choose colors

Another important thing is vanity to “match” the color with the room interior to create aesthetic effects common to the entire space. If your bedroom had too many colors you should choose a vanity table with neutral colors and elegant. Dressing table for girl teens as with the monotonous bedroom dressing table, the colors so bright, as the emphasis for space. However, avoid using colored dressing table and style completely different from the remaining items in the bedroom.

Choose materials

On the market today, dressing table using multiple different materials such as natural wood, wood industry, steel bending, glass … However, consumers preferred Vietnam very much wood with rich variations. Wood vanity with many unique variations

Change bathroom space

Selecting and harmonious color combinations, always intelligent ways to help your bathroom space come alive and bold personality of the owner. Moreover, just a little change of color, you can easily refresh your space a relaxed but effective ways to save. But how “instead of new clothes” for the bathroom is “hard questions” to many people. Can refer to the few hints of interior design at the Kohler Design to easily get bathroom “new”.

Design bathroom designer Kohler tub used to be many people choose yellow. The change in bathroom space is not quite as difficult as you think. With just one simple step as replaced the monotonous white tub with a wash tub with bright colors will bring a whole new breath to your bathroom. A small change in color this time helped you to express new feelings of their own which is equally stylish.

Bathtub is the focal point of the bathroom. Then you hesitate even without juggling with a punch of color to create focal points with the unexpected effect for your bathroom more prominent part. The trend this summer to honor the contribution bright colors adorn the thrill of breathing daily rhythm of life. The products for the bathroom is no exception to this general trend. The most popular color for bathrooms this summer is navy blue, blue, green and lemon yellow. In addition, the color pink or black suspension also brings elegance and mystery.

Design bathroom designer Kohler tub use blue is also popular in summer. If your bathroom has been building for some time and you suddenly discovered a few minor shortcomings, the colorful accessories is a solution “patch” and innovation performance, and significant cost savings for you. Do not hesitate to add to the decorative lights with warm light, or just replace the old hanger type hook with yellow or the luxury to create new landmark for the small room.

You want to change the bathroom but also to enhance the storage area map is the best solution is the wooden cabinet beneath the sink. Warm wood colors will bring your bathroom apartment close to nature than for feeling relaxed and comfortable. Changing color is an innovative space for quick and efficient bathroom can be done from the wall paint to the selection of materials or furnishings. But do not forget to always learn skills in the selection of color schemes and furniture, to suit the style of bathroom design, express your style and above all is that creating a balance and homogeneous in space of the entire house.

16 decorating mistakes

The mindset seems harmless but led to no small mistakes in home décor makes you lose the space aesthetic.

1. Buying carpet is too small

This is a mistake that almost always the mother suffer. Due to the small carpet area only to be modest in the room, breaking the space that you want to build. Rugs too well that an imbalance between areas in the room. For example, in the living room carpet to the sofa should be appropriate so that at least the front legs of the sofa arranged around the carpet to put on the carpet.

2. Buy furniture before measuring a room to decorate

In the excitement the brink of a new nest, many parents in front of furniture that does not care to measure the size of the room. Often the map is too small or too big for the room. Buy carpet to match the room

3. Paint the walls the same color tones of different shades

For the large room you are prepared paint, choose paint color paint color is darker than you imagine. If your space is an open space should choose darker paint color paint color when you paint a small room.

4. No bedside

The bed is the focus of any impression bedroom but many parents do tend to ignore it. If the bed without the bed, “fighting” with an eye-catching art paintings or decorative expensive mats. The bed should paint the walls with impressive color. Headboard impression, a highlight of the room

5. Home décor without consulting

Lead to costly, difficult and always causing trouble for the family. You ask for help from a person who lodges in space or an interior design professional.

6. Decorate the house without your favorite things

Do not console themselves that, I do not like this today, then tomorrow will be like. There are things you can not love life, so do not try to buy them floating about.

7. Buying too many small ornaments

One is packed house, the second is expensive. Spend the money to buy items unique, high-affirmed his good aesthetics. Display means not too much junk in the room

8. Hanging pictures too high in the

Often the paintings should hang by the bed, sofa or from about 24-25cm is the most logical. Hallway, stairs, walls can hang from the wall to avoid a high of about 1.6 to 1.7 m.

9. Neglecting the home decorating scene before

Typically, a person wants to buy a nice house or the best impression to your home usually pay attention to the door scene first. Should be painted the same color outside of the garage. Additional door painted with the colors to create striking and impressive.

10. Do not hit the wall light

Many parents think, to highlight the common wall darker, different color paint or wood-paneled walls clean. For high should do, even with low, if the wall from 2-7cm, then we should paint the same color as the wall, the wall will feel higher. Low ceiling would be higher if the same wall and the wall color

11. What is also displayed

The impact of collections antique value, the art of beautiful statue or picture frames families mark anniversary of the visitors was very high for many users prefer rhetoric, what is laid out , this only makes the house look cluttered. Create a space to display them fixed.

12. There are so many accents in a room

Each space should only need a point to make an impression. In the living room sofa is usually the area, reception desk, TV shelf. In the bedroom the bed usually. Bathroom sinks and a mirror.

13. Space without the presence of natural

Rooms need fresh flowers, bonsai trees whether it is small, simple, such as cactus. Limitations of silk flowers and paper flowers because they are quite expensive to buy or obsolete. Space need flowers to add some life room

14. Try to buy everything in one day

This just makes your head submerged in a pile of furniture. Please help me have time to look back and examine the budget by calm choice.

15. Drapery “fat” too

Quality curtains in the living room is a class criteria confirmed by the landlord. If you want to save it should save blinds in bedrooms, children’s rooms. What room is not bad.

16. Mix too much furniture

As simple as beautiful wood. Do not get more than 3 in a cardboard timber items such as flooring, cabinets, tables … Curtains hung rooms need quality.

Decorate the nursery with feng shui

According to feng shui school, the nursery should pay special attention to the individual functions for maximum support comprehensive development of children.  The child’s room is both a place of rest, just as learning spaces, play, arrange for the child when you should pay attention to many factors, including feng shui is an indispensable part.

Choose a good location
The child’s room should be located in the east or west, or southeast house, to be able to welcome the morning sun soon, helping them develop a good and stable. Do not place the children’s room at the center position, not only affect the fate of the house but not good for children.
When painting the walls of her room to use colorful, cheerful will contribute to enhancing the flexibility and spirit of optimism, love of life. For girls, the color tends romantic, natural light pink, cream, yellow … For boys, choose the color represents the masculine, strong and independent like the color green. The fairy paintings or cartoon characters will help promote imagination and creativity of children. You can also hang the picture painted by children themselves, children will enjoy and feel more confident.
The feng shui room layout in the nursery, furniture needs to tidy up, tidy, space for children to play, run and jump.
Best bed head east or southeast. Choose the north or northwest is also good for children’s sleep at night. In the nursery, in addition to statistical Bed desks, bookcases, wardrobes and cabinets decorated with teddy bears, picture frames and boxes of toys for children.Furniture in the nursery should have round-shaped or curved trim angle, there should be no sharp edges likely to cause injury to children.
Do not place mirrors in the nursery, because according to feng shui, the mirror is reflecting material weapon, and create a sense of likely to cause psychological instability; mirrors reflect light easily disturb the air … On the other hand, children often are very active, while playing, throwing the ball can cause collisions of objects, if the mirror break sharp pieces will be very dangerous.
Natural light is good for children’s health so you should choose the location to design to fit the window, the newly created open atmosphere, the fresh medium without sun glare, rain crosses. You can use light colored wall lights instead of cabinet lights or lamps are placed on the floor, to create a warm space, bright. Arrange the child’s interest and in accordance to feng shui, you’ll give me an ideal space for overall development.

OcEo – Phu Nam – a value of architecture longevity

To visit the exhibition, the public have the opportunity to enjoy more than 100 exhibitions of precious ancient Oc Eo culture – an ancient culture is formed and developed on the local level in the early 10 century AD , to this day about 2000 years in the South Plains area. The name of this culture by the French archaeologist Louis Mallerret place after the archaeological excavations in 1944 in the first relic of Oc Eo social Token Ring, Voice Son district, An Giang province.

Artifacts on display include ceramic materials, metals, stone, wood and a few copper.In most of the excavated relics were found ceramic artifacts appear. The artifacts are ceramic housewares including comments, jars, pots, lids, bowls, cups, bottles … and the stove, familiar objects, essential wetland inhabitants. Building materials and decorative plaques earthen architecture is found to be mainly the relics in the ruins of temples architecture Oc Eo culture. The precious metal like gold, marble, onyx, quartz, glass …. been processed into the ring, rings, earrings, necklaces, beads, jewelry making using a variety of colors, sizes, different designs.

Notably, the gold foil embossed face, carved decorative molding and ancient Sanskrit.There is also the seal rings engraved on people, animals and other gold coins, silver, pewter …Artifacts of stone, wood and a few bronze statues of Buddhist and Hindu worship.These objects are found in many relics and scattered across the South. Flourishing period of Hindu sculpture and Buddhism from the fifth century to the seventh century.Style sculpture reflects both influences derived from Indian art, just to show trends in localization. Traditional arts are also maintained and developed in later stages, from the eighth century onwards, but many researchers tentatively called the post Eo.

Through this exhibition, the National History Museum wants visitors home and abroad to visualize the basic characteristics of Oc Eo culture in the context of early 10th century AD, more about the history of Vietnam , that the labor force, level of processing of the ancients, from which more honor and good sense than in the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage value of the nation.

Gallery “Eo – Phu Nam” was organized on the basis of performance improvement projects, upgrading galleries Cultural Eo – Phu Nam has been the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, the departments, functions approved and implemented from 2010.Over the course of renovation repair, refurbishment, architecture: walls, ceilings, floors, areas with the support continuous display in the museum, the electrical system, equipped with new lighting, display cabinet system platform to reach international standards …

With over 200m2 in floor area of buildings on display two of the National History Museum at 1, Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, galleries “Eo – Phu Nam” is a beautiful gallery, formal modern, and ensure consistency in the overall standing display system of the National History Museum. And many precious antiques and other unique present are on display here, exhibiting “Eo – Phu Nam” contribute to better meet the needs visit and find out, research on the historical process of Vietnam numerous tourists in the country and internationally. /.

Refurbished home decor just one day

Try decorating solutions only done in one day introduced in the following categories to create new images for the interior space. The solution does not take much time to not require much effort. Why not try?

1. The simple art paintings

If you want to create impressive point for the living room but not much cost and time, you can use a favorite fabric samples to create art for the wall angle. Just cut the fabric into many different sizes, wrapped and pinned them on the wooden frame. Make sure your knife may be the spectacular display of NHE fabric patterns!

2. “Awaken” a boring wall

Awaken a new paint walls with bright colors. A fun color, life-like lemon yellow, applied on the center wall will create impressive special for a small space. This color is especially effective in the room north of the capital constraints of natural light. Brown color wood floors or furniture land with neutral colors will help harmonize and balance your whole room.

3. Make shelves “puzzle”

Create a simple three-tiered shelves like puzzle games of young children. Use several wooden chairs stacked in a single rule, and the color harmony of the chair. With the gaps and “abundance”, you can fill with a few accessories to coast as a small vase or pot plants … So you already have an impressive bookshelves, has storage capacity, has highly decorative.

4. Change the appearance of familiar walls

Select a central wall or walls that you want to “stress” to change the image. Then choose the wallpaper ensure the connection with the wall color in the room. These solutions help you change the appearance of space quickly, easily, do not cost much but is not afraid to cause the overload of images.

5. Create hidden storage

Utilizing bed space by adding the portable storage device. You can “reuse” the old desk drawer by the new paint them or leave the wood veneer to create the nostalgic look, then attach the wheel to help them move easily as you gain hon.Vay storage space for out of season clothes or little used items.

6. Bring new life to the common room

“Wearing” living space to your home’s new color “good eye” over. Spray paint on a chair with color highlights. Change the pillows based simple pattern with colorful pillows, vivid images enrich the room.

Application of rock art scene in home decor

You can refer to the application of rock art on the construction scene, aesthetic decoration, a balance between people and space around them. I can understand two words feng shui is the general essence, all life around us daily. It can be said that the secret solidarity between objects, land terrain, wind, water and human health ever since the ancient … So very carefully in choosing when to buy up the land. In order to create for themselves a better living environment and welfare can say is live life more. All kinds of precious stones in general like to sell you. There are magnetic fields and certain effects useful for everyone. Scientists have long known to the world and to apply the rock scene.

Besides aiming to enhance the beauty for building architecture, whose main goal is to add support for human health. Use of rock scene to apply feng shui in architecture can build from here. It is the method of choice rock category, find the appropriate place to display or put in evidence somewhere. Living room, dining room, bedroom, bath place, even when the unclean discharge … All the implications can sometimes have defects that few recognize.

We can use the rock scene to fill the defect with an understanding of the types of stone. How to correct most needs is not some sort as long rumored. But should study carefully the situation in the balance of the building architecture. The arrangement of accommodations … there should be worshiped meticulous.

The nature of the rock scene is most likely due to the composition of the minerals formed. The influence and development of minerals also work well, within a certain space. by ancient people known to use stones as a treatment for drinking water, for water to bathe … prevention of contamination, or cure some sores, increased resistance and create a balance for yourself. You can see the effect of Chasedon stone, Agate, Quartz, opal. When reflecting light energy emitted a harmonious exchange. Help balance the emotions, reduced head aches, insomnia go away, help children eat well and sleep better. Also thanks for the positive impact of some minerals in rocks Code brain, more sensitive areas where the adrenal glands. Helps you to quickly dispel the anger, feel harmony with your partner a more cheery.

The emergence of the idea can also suddenly appear, when you have a true rock scene with the character of her. Sublimation at work, forget all the useless animals, are also aesthetic and abstract presence of the rock scene. Also not understand the nature and architecture, distributed bonsai creation. There are some people who can build the house, take advantage of the space where the stairs … Song accidentally creating a pool of wet, cramped indoor born mosquito bug, more melancholy feeling. By the breathtaking beautiful undulating stone foundation, freak waves affected by the wind, bright space covers new develop its full potential beauty of the rock scene. To promote the spread of all minerals in the rock can. Done well not say when we can still make a small indoor garden.

But necessarily should know, always let the water flow, new balance and harmony. Collection to showcase just a rock art, has the town of feng shui. But to know the good quality stones are capable to meet the legitimate requirements. These types of rocks such as quartz, Chasedon, Agate, Onyx, opal … is the common type and have a lot of minerals necessary for health. From the heat of the same type of supplement, to reduce the UE where humid air. Development of heat tolerance, regulate climate and human equilibrium state. Particularly with some other rare types too, such as diamond, ruby, sapphire, Beryl, Topa … is generally used mainly for jewelry items. Done also precious paintings but quality is still poor Many people still enjoy in the interior. These ornaments of precious stones, giving employers confidence in communication. Help them progress and success in any business is doing.

The luxurious living room, where the rock art unique beauty. These panels charming paintings. Quartz spheres in the crystal. That really is where the list of how doing business. Because there has to insiders, the thoughts, ideas and empathy in signing a joint venture. And also can be a meaningful gift for a practical long-term relationship. We also implies the idea for such a little scrap Chasedon stone, quartz, agate, opal … Pour into a nail pedicure few somewhere discretion of the owner. Where it can later be living room, office, dining room, the room … Then scattered along the small road to the garden steps. The white gold quartz pebbles scattered along an orderly way. Chasedon stones, Agate big horns up prettified campus. Through the rain, sun, wind and storm erosion gradually reveal the identity so colorful. The majesty of this revered spiritual, you may notice a few Vietnamese places across our country.

These sacred objects, or the long-time-required-serving. was the old church building across the temples, pagodas, shrines and places the parish, you have to admire the stone turtle’s Temple of Literature? The evidence for the studious and respectful school students. And not to mention the scenic imperial garden in the Nguyen …. All this much can be told what his father’s class. They wanted to convey a deep sense of rock material to future generations. By in daily life, we have a very close link with the rocks. From rock usually as some gravel, or higher is the semi-precious stones and then the gems. They not only bring feeling fresh, serene of mind, very beneficial for the health of every human being every day. building architecture combined with rock art scene in a scientific way.

Necessarily essential to the needs of society. So we can better understand the nature of value feng shui stone landscape architecture is as shown. This immediate reality today, when choosing a piece of land for you to build will not be easy ranges. So complete and sufficient for the property will have a lot of defects. Building architecture mixes rock scene will coordinate work with nature to create, balanced life is essential to us all.

July Promotion at Thanh Dung Furniture

From 4/7-30/7/2012, furniture Thanh Dung big discount fairs Vietbuild celebrate. Exhibition occasion Vietbuild 1st 2012, Dung Thanh Supermarket Interior implementation of programs aimed ñ The promotion gives customers a great shopping opportunities.

Program start: 04/07 / 2012 – 07/30/2012 with the following contents:

  • – Discount 10% – 15% on all products when shopping at the supermarket system Thanh Dung furniture.
  • – Offering imported sofa when buying carpet sofa in Thanh Dung (*).
  • – Offering the Korean Hestia bed sheet when buying the products in Thanh Dung Bedroom Furniture (*).
  • – The program awarded VIP customer card with hundreds of long-term incentives: maintenance 02 year product, maintenance services, support VIP, VIP Access “The priority order, and discounts”
  • – In addition to the promotion of the company, gift last year …
  • – Consulting & interior design free.
  • – And the thousands of products, other attractive gifts.

(*) Customers choosing gifts instead of carpet sofa senior discounts 10% -15%, applied to the cost of 15 million products. 

(*) Customers choose gifts of blankets Cover mattress 160cm or 180cm standard type instead of the discount program, apply the product chocac 40 million.

gifts, the product, interior, tel, Fair, discount, maintenance, Promotion

Your address:

Thanh Dung Furniture – Binh Thanh

Long Pages 384-386 Ties, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, HCMC

Tel: (08) 3553.3256 – 3553.4149

Thanh Dung Furniture – Tan Binh

467 Cong Hoa Street, Ward 15, Tan Binh, HCMC

Tel: (08) 3812.1445 – 3812 4403

Track variations of the lampshade

When things expensive price, the cost to decorate the house to add color and warmth is not small. Why do not you try to “recycle” items are available, or “call processing” them into unique decorations alone you have a family?like to introduce to you the idea is simple but quite unique to “transformed the face” for the lampshade in your home. You can be proud that this is the idea … “will not touch the goods.” Paint the stripes

If you like the style a bit, try to imagine his fur zebra Marty in the animated Dreamworks’ Madagascar. You can use a pencil to draw the necessary lines on a sheet of paper, then use adhesive tape inside lampshades. When satisfied with lines that, exterior painting lampshades by pencil lines there. Finally, remove the piece of paper in pencil self lampshades and gazed out any success. These pieces ruffled lace

With this style lampshades, use a thin cloth cut to the shape of the lampshade. Then you cut the cloth into thin long pieces of fabric, but a width of 5-7 cm depending on size of lamp shade, then use the sewing machine or into the strip, lined with pleated lace ruffled up. Finally, glue the pieces like lace along the height of the lamp shade as shown. Do you have a beautiful lampshades and strange there then. legal use pen

The word love is never enough, so, to the “winged words” are glow in the family, use a pencil to write on paper or canvas or quotations or words of love for the family. Then glued inside lampshades to achieve best performance. slanted ribbon weaving. This lampshade style is simple, but when it can take a short amount of time is not. You can use cloth or paper ribbon color, cut into long narrow pieces, then knit them together cross glued back. Colors in the nature of suggestion, you can color according to personal preference, provided always use two contrasting colors together to achieve the most effective. Take fabric flower lights

This is the easiest way if you want to decorate your lampshades. You simply encase fabric lampshades, of course do not forget to choose any fabric and color to the eye. You can also take advantage of the coat is no longer right for them to cut costs. Take advantage of rags. The same type of fabric for lampshades above, you can also use the excess fabric when sewing clothes or “recycled” from old clothes into a bun to link them together to design a lampshade form unique and colorful. The bamboo chopsticks

If you prefer the more elegant style, you try to style lampshades with this child. Merely glued all over the bamboo chopstick lampshades, but easier said than done because this is the stage that you spend the most time and patience. Also, you can also paste the custom bamboo chopstick or denser sparse out to increase or reduce the brightness of the light emitted to suit the needs of practical use. Wallpaper Solution can paste outside fabric lampshades not achieve decorative effects as you would expect because of the limitations when printing patterns on fabric. In this case, please replace it with decorative wallpaper. This is a simple way to adorn a lampshade of your “sparkling” than. Take advantage of old newspapers

If you want a more unique lampshades, please try the following. However, with this style lampshades you will take time and effort. First of all, you get old newspapers cut into equal pieces and then folded into the hollow round tube, about 1 cm in diameter. Then you use this glue the paper tube on each other, with different oblique angles ranging from 45-90 degree arbitrary. The suggestions in this article is simple but offers high performance at low cost. From the above suggestions, you can also variations of the style of other decorative lampshades or suggestions to coordinate the processing of new ideas. Be creative beauty home space.

Balcony vibrant spring

The flower clusters fluttered in the wind with the vibrant colors bring warm air of spring into your nest. Balcony’s small but if you know how to decorate can make spring seem sharp and fresh for your house. The beauty of fresh flowers mix with those pretty little sunshine tomorrow, more thoang scent of flowers in the spring breeze to your house more beautiful than in the warm spring. Wall or safety bars of the balcony were you blown charm and vitality with the layout and pot plants, flowers impressed. The beautiful garden is formed by the plant pots were placed on the balcony, the floor is cleverly arranged so that the flower pots can “rub shoulders” and showing designs together.

Charm and beauty of the colorful flowers offers exquisite beauty and charm to your balcony when spring is on. When planting trees, flowers in the balcony, to beautiful flowers, please note the temperature, light and moisture needed to create the best environment for plants.

This plant is healthy, simple, evergreen leaves, white flowers, consistent with the purpose of decoration. In addition, peace lily reducing effects of toxins such as alcohol, acetone, formandehyde, and trichlorethylene. With easy to grow plants, easy to care for without too much water, requires less sunlight in space is suitable for home or office. Set Message Center Magnolia or Yellow (Golden Pothos – Epipremnum aureum)

Is very easy to grow plants, heart-shaped leaves yellow or cream colored. This plant sucking monoxide de carbonne very effective (75%), and smoking other substances such as benzene, toluene, formalhelyde. You can leave comments vines hanging in a corner or small pots near a window, they make the room more lively and natural. Plant ivy or perpetual (English Ivy)

As a climbing plant, easy to grow and high adaptability, except where the temperature is too high, and requires little care. The scientific name is Hedera Helix, which acts to limit the effects of airborne allergens such as trichlorethylene and formaldehyde. Recent research indicates just after 6 hours carrying pots into the house, up to 60% of respiratory pathogens, skin diseases will disappear in the air. This plant is grown indoors is recommended because it helps weed out the cause of asthma, allergies, however, harmful to children because you need to grow the reach of children.