Netherlands – Beautiful and more

The Netherlands has a very small area on the map of the world but is considered one of the richest countries in Europe. Eastern Dutch border with Germany, southern Belgium, and western and northern North Sea. Dutch capital Amsterdam, the capital’s economy and tourism. Port of Rotterdam is the largest pier in the world, plays a very important role in economic development strategy of this country. Flat terrain the Netherlands, alternating the low hills in Central and South. Moreover Sea to the Netherlands, it has the characteristics of the marine climate. Cool summer weather, blue sky dreaming winter with mild weather, pleasant, low temperature less than 5.

The Netherlands has a long coastline with many natural beauty, cities, villages and rich poetic. Those who love water sports like windsurfing, sailing or swimming can find a lot of fun on the beach, or the rivers and lakes are scattered across the country. The Dutch also enjoyed traveling by boat and bicycle. Here, people thousands of kilometers of roads built exclusively for those who prefer to explore nature by bicycle journey. Along this path, you can say the natural sights, free soul in the fields of tulips, daffodils gastric flavor and immense. You will be busy with their studies but does not mean that you do not have time to learn life and travel the surrounding area. Tourist offices will provide you a map full of play and recreation in the Netherlands.

Facts about Holland

– Area: 41,548 km2
– Population: 15.678 million
– Capital: Amsterdam
– National Day: 30/04
– The official languages: Dutch
– Belief: Christian
– Currency: EUR
– Office of the visa:
Embassy: 6th Floor, Retail Daeha, 360 Kim Ma – Hanoi – (04) 8315650
Consulate: Saigon Tower 29 Le Duan, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City – (08) 8235932
General Aspects:

* The Netherlands – The place where you HS – SV Vietnam are choosing to study English. The Netherlands is one of the important economic, commercial and cultural center of Europe, land of tulips, windmills and the fairy tale attracted many people. Study in Holland gives you greater access to modern education, reputable worldwide. Through the linkage of the Dutch universities with universities world-famous, Dutch study was a good chance you can practice, conversion and research in some countries 3 .

* The Netherlands is famous for training in advanced study, including undergraduate and graduate majors with abundant and diverse in English as: Economics, Law, Foreign Affairs, Journalism, Information Management, Tourism Management – Hospitality, Biotechnology, Petrochemical, Electrical – Electronics, Information Technology, Environment, Urban Planning, Construction, Dental, Physiotherapy, Public Health, Pharmacy.

* Usually in the Netherlands universities require English proficiency for admission of 550 TOEFL or 6.5 – 6.0 IELTS. However, if your English level is not satisfactory you can learn a language course at the school or the exam center and take the TOEFL or IELTS.

* International students wishing to work in the Netherlands have been granted work permits. Working time in the Netherlands up to 10 hours / week (during school)

Map Dutch Education System

In particular, the Dutch higher education received great support from the Government. Normally, all Dutch students have received scholarships from the Government. In addition, they can pay school fees by working extra days off with the amount of time given to work. The State also allows students to borrow money without interest limits. This policy encourages more students to study diligently, after school to find new jobs as of the payment. Many students choose VN Dutch study addresses the reasonable fees and conditions in English is not very high. We have about 2,000 students in the Netherlands VN.

Some of you college students – students of Vietnam should take care to choose to study

College of Business Rotterdam University of Groningen
Hanze University University of Tilburg
University of South IHE Delft University
University Holland University of Van Amsterdam
HES Amsterdam College of Business University of Horizon
Delft University of Technology Saxion University Ijselland
Saxion University Enschede Ichthus University
University of Brabant University of Amsterdam
Erasmus University of Rotterdam University of Masstricht
Transport and Tourism Institute Netherlands

Study time

In mid-September to July next year. Some university courses started in February last until December. Students usually have to study 40 hours / week. Accepting applications on an English test preparation courses in English to enter university and graduate in May and November.