Universities and scholarships

There are hundreds of students with the dream of learning more in life. However, very few get the opportunity to do it. The importance of scholarships in a student’s life need not be stressed. It gives deserving students an opportunity to explore lot of possibilities.

  1. Yearly many universities in Holland establish own university grants. Here is the list of scholarships per University.
  2. European and Dutch organisations offer several bursaries for foreign students who would like to come for study in Holland.

For instance, in order to help foreign students in funding for their studies in the Netherlands, the Dutch governmental organisation (Nuffic) offers and manages several scholarship programmes for eligible and worthy candidates from all over the world. The following section lists the scholarships administered by Nuffic. The main organization managing information about scholarships in Holland is NUFFIC, the Netherlands’ Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education. Below is an overview of the major scholarships available to foreign students in Holland:

1) The Huygens scholarship

Huygens is the scholarship programme of NUFFIC, therefore being a scholarship exclusively for study in Holland. It is often administered abroad by the local Dutch embassies. This scholarship is being transformed into a larger-scale programme, the Huygens Scholarship Programme (HSP), therefore the conditions of applying for the scholarship will also be changing and will be announced in the near future. These details will be available on the NUFFIC website at www.nuffic.nl/huygens.

2) Socrates

Socrates is a programme operating between different institutions of higher education in Europe. The scholarship is usually issued for the period of 3-12 months and is eligible for study in the member states of the EU (therefore including Holland), Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein. It is meant for students who themselves come from one of those countries. This scholarship is issued for the purpose of studying for a certain amount time in another European country after you have been accepted to a university in your own country. The home institution of the student must have been given the European University Charter by the European Commission and must also have a bilateral agreement with an institution in Holland. The web page of the scholarship in Holland is www.socrates-programma.nl. Information can also be found on the local website of the Socrates National Agency in your own country.

3) Leonardo

This is another European scholarship programme, concentrating on professional higher education. The grant is given from 3 to 12 months for an internship in Holland. The home institution of the student must be part of the Leonardo programme for the student to be able to participate. The amount and criteria for the grant vary according to the student’s home institution, therefore the student can either contact their own school or go to the website http://europa.eu.int/comm/education/leonardo/leonardo2/naweb_en.html.

4) The Netherlands’ Fellowship Programmes (NFP)

Since this programme, funded by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is meant for postgraduate students who have already started a career, students can only participate in the programme if they have been nominated by their employer. The grants can be used either for Master’s studies, Doctoral studies, short courses, training courses or refresher courses in Holland. The programme currently operates in 57 countries, therefore not being restricted to European students. This scholarship is also administered by Dutch embassies in the participating countries. More specific information can be obtained at www.nuffic.nl/nfp.

5) The Tempus Programme

This programme is meant for creating partnerships between institutions of higher education in the European Union and those of Eastern Europe, Western Balkans, the Mediterranean and Central Asia. Students can participate in exchange programmes within the extent of these partnerships. The student’s home institution provides them with information about existing partnerships. For information, consult www.etf.eu.int/tempus.nsf.

6) DELTA – Dutch Education: Learning at Top Level Abroad

The DELTA programme is set up for participating Dutch institutions to give scholarships to students from Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand or Vietnam, in the form of compensating their costs of study in Holland. The students must already have been admitted to a Dutch study programme, they must not be older than 35 at the start of the academic year, spend a minimum of three months studying in Holland, conduct research or study at Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD level, or do an internship in Holland. There may also be specific requirements set by the students’ home institutions which they must fulfill. More specific information can be seen at www.nuffic.nl/pdf/netwerk/DELTA-flyer-engels.pdf.


This is a scholarship programme for Indonesian professionals for postgraduate studies in Holland. The programme is supported by the Dutch government through the Netherlands Education Centre. More specific information about the scholarship can be found at www.nec.or.id/Layout3/nec_jakarta/Scholarships/STUNED.htm.

8) Fulbright Scholarships

These scholarships are meant for graduate students from the United States and are not exclusive to Holland. Students can find information about the criteria either at their home institution or at www.fulbright.nl.


This is a scholarships programme for PhD or other Doctoral students. The scholarship consists of a foundation supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which aims at improving the research environment at developing countries by offering grants to individual researchers for securign appropriate research facilities. The Doctoral project must be approved by both the local instances and a Dutch sponsor, and the research itself must be realated to development studies. The duration of the scholarship is up to 4 years and consists of alternating studies in Holland and the student’s home country. More information on the application criteria at www.nwo.nl/nwohome.nsf/pages/NWOP_65PD4J_Eng, or by email: wotro@nwo.nl.

10) The Jean Monnet Fellowships Programme

This programme is meant for Turkish students and professionals for postgraduate studies in the EU, including Holland. The application procedure starts at the JMF Placement Agency in Ankara, Turkey. More information is available at www.jeanmonnet.org.tr/website/index.html.

11) Matra Training for European Cooperation

This scholarship programme is meant for students from countries which have recently joined the EU, countries that will do so in the near future, or countries bordering the EU. There are scholarships for an MSc in Environmental Sciences at the Wageningen University and an L.L.M. in International and European law at the Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam. More information about the scholarship is available at www.cross-agency.nl.

12) United Nations scholarship programmes

The suborganisations of the United Nations give out numerous scholarships to students from certain countries for study in Holland among other countries. Information can be obtained from the representations of the specific organisations in the student’s home country.

Students can also apply for a number of other exchange programmes, for example European students have the Erasmus programme, Americans can apply for the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) or the above mentioned Fulbright programme, and there are more bilateral exchange agreements between institutions of different countries, for which information can be obtained form the student’s home institution.